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Hello world!

Post No. 1:

Today is the first day of CNY 2010 (aka Chinese New Year). In the lunar calender, this is like the first day of a brand new year. Shall also mark the first day to my blog  opening ^^. I used to have my very first blog when I was 17 with livejournal, selling hand-painted maryjanes. Response was great. The feeling of starting one’s little business felt great! First sale to a stranger; first compliment from a customer, first feedback user and also the first refered customer by another. Every-first-blog-thing is deeply etched to my mind still. I’m sure for other entrepreneurs (be it online or mortar etc) probably share the same feeling too. Setting up an online shop was initially something meant as an experience and a little pocket-money source apart from teaching private tuition and from parents. Painting is also my hobby and a way to relax. True satisfaction comes when you finish the product and when it seems to be smiling at you.

2nd Blog was more of an impulsive decision when many of us were infatuated by taiwan’s wave on blogging. Famous stars like Xiao Zhu, Wu Zun, Yan Ya Lun, Tanya and many more seem to be hitting the blogs. But of course, anything by impulsiveness probably seldom last long. This theory applies to my 2nd blog.

& Finally comes WordPress.com. Felt like it is gonna be here to stay. *finger cross*

3 Years…it has been a 3 good  years already since my school days. Not a long period neither a short one either. Many things happened. Many events took place, moulding my brain from a platinum 1 to 4 and more.

One of the major changes is…2010 is the first time in my whole life without grandma around.

2009 Christmas had been one of the worst ones as it departed with my dearest and one and only living grandma.

Leaving is probably easy but coping wasn’t. It is like: Sleeping is easy but to sleep a good sweet one isn’t to some of us.

I didn’t understand the old cliche of ” Time will heal” until my grandma event. This really works very very well for people who lost their loved ones. So next time, (touchwood), if any of your friends lost their loved ones, this is one piece of golden advice to give. For it gives power and numbs our pain. Most importantly, it hints a form of encouragement to move on. This is probably one of the things our loved ones who have passed on will want us, the livings ones to have. To move on and not dwell on the past. They can be ‘alive’ in our thoughts always but definitely will not want us to miss our future golden moments because of them as well. Because they LOVE us and LOVE means to let go when necessary.

Came across some really classic pictures when my uncle and auntie were going through my grandma’s items. Thank god camera was invented. If you were in my shoes, you’ll understand why.

i somehow just had this feeling when i see the pics…that, my grandma wasn’t a very happy woman afterall. From 20s to 40s, most of the pics of her were not smiling compared to my grandpa. Probably yes to more smiles when she reached 50s and above. When I was younger, I didnt know the reason why. But when I saw her younger days photos, I guess I know why…

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