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A good man should know what is best not to play with and what is best to avoid. Able to draw a line. That line is called ‘limit’.

After recent happenings, I somehow lost faith in finding a good person to rely on. Happened to my aunt, my friends, my parents’ friends and … seen too many…

People in love will tell you all the best things about L.O.V.E. But i just can’t stand it when negative things just keep happening. What are these signs trying to prove? Prove to the facts that good men are either attached or gay? Prove to the facts that rotten guys are everywhere and is a growing trend in a modern world like this?

Logics and reality strengthen my belief on the above. Since young, I’ve never been able to be on the ‘trust side’ for guys. But this feeling fades slowly away as i grew older. Somehow it crept back recently again. Digging out my old belief once hidden deep down within.

My current mindset is: In life, you can work hard to a good career (lots of ways), work hard to earn loads of money (too many money making ways), work hard for self improvement (countless books to give the ways), work hard to slim down (just google it and you’ll find plenty of it). but in love area, you gotta need loads of luck and destiny stuff to make it work. If its not meant to be, no matter how hard you try, it’ll be nothing at the end of the day. It is NOT something we can control. Definitely, not something that will succeed easily just by working hard.

At the end of the day, it takes 2 hands to clap!! No use if just one party is working hard on it.

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my younger sis is engaged!! ^.^

March 6, 2010 2 comments

younger sis is engaged! As a big sister, i feel happy for her. Still remembered the first time when she sms-ed me that she is engaged, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was like in a daze for 5 sec , thinking of how to react. Interesting huh. guess its gonna be this one and only time in my whole life. coz i ‘ve got only o1 younger sis and this type of news don’t come in like two times or more. Even if (touchwood) should it comes the second time (which i really don’t look forward to that) , the 2nd time of breaking the news will definitely feel different!! By then, i’ll be of different age, different scenario etc. Things will be different!

Today, the engagement party was organised by my sis’s buddy, val who is such a sweet to book the pool side area at Hotel Nostalgia. Lovely place, cozy ambience and great F&B. Can tell that everyone has sunk into the mood for celebration. A celebration to celebrate the joy together with & for their dearest friend. I was the only kin there coz no parents were allowed. I wonder if I feel differently from her peeps. Tell you a secret, I was almost in tears when kevin kneed down and proposed to her and the big smile on my sis’s face. Its really like a fairy tale came true to every little girl out there who wished to be a princess one day. Tonight, my little sis is the princess.

Tonight is also the night that i realise i finally have to let go to independence. My sis will have to go out to the world and venture independently one day. Just that i never knew it will be this soon. I can do it, i know my mom can too. Its my dad who will probably be the little guy to hold onto my sis still. lOL!! Don’t all daddy do that? To a daddy, his little girl will always be a little girl even she hits 90!! trust me, its really true. so true.

During the party, I met an interesting character. A pretty young lady. Mid twenties. Holding to a stable job. Engaged too. Getting married in april. & & birth date (but not the year), fell just 2 days before mine. Looks like i’ll remember it for a long long time. So many questions, so little details. Will fill my curiosity very soon. Am glad to meet her. hELPS make me “see things better” and learn more too.

Sometimes, at the end of the day, when you lie on your bed, you either:

1) thank god, today has been great! and then recount every good event that happened.

or 2) Shoots!! today sucks! Gonna sleep and make it gone.

or 3) Nothing special, still boring as ever…

or finally 4) Don’t recount at all. Busy planning for tomorrow already. And before you know it, you’re off to another land.

gd nite

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