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Job Vs Career

April 27, 2010 Leave a comment

27 Years for Director Zhen

24 years for Dennis Chew

22 years for Zhu Hou Ren & Mark Lee

15 years for Christopher Lee …

To many of us, these figures may seem insignificant. But to each & everyone of them, all these familiar numbers mentioned during Star Awards on Sunday night meant a thousand million words. Every year, I’m always looking forward to Star Awards. Mainly is because there are lots to learn from these seniors. (Not because entertainment industry is my dream but their attitude towards their career is something , esp us, younger generation should learn from.)  

“If you’re working for the sake of salary now, it is only a job to you.  It means ‘ Just Over Broke’. So you need a salary to cover your fixed expenses. It is always the last thing you’ll dream of at night before you sleep and always the first thing to dread of when you wake up. Don’t we just wish everyday is Christmas Day?  When something better comes along the way, better offers, better benefits, you’ll probably jump over if there is a chance. Coz it’s only job anyways. ”

“But if you treat your current work as a career, something which you’ll foresee yourself doing in the next 5, 10, or even 30 years like these guys up there, every single day to you will be filled with happiness, excitment and positive thoughts. You won’t just work for the money and be a slave to it. You will be a owner to the income instead and beyond just work, you’ll see yourself creating values to others, something money can’t buy- values. Vice versa, it’ll be something you’ll look most forward to the moment you wake up (apart from smelling your loved one next to you : ) and something you’ll think about before you sleep. It is like falling in love and looking forward to spend the rest of your life with your best partner on earth! (my blessings to newly wed Mr & Mrs Daniel Wu who tied their knot recently in South Africa, in a tiny little mud sweeeet. given both of their status)

Steve Job once mentioned, you gotta love what you do and do what you love. They are the same for work as for lovers. The years rolling will just keep getting better.

So here is a simple and honest question, when you found a career you love so much, will you abandone for another?  If your answer is yes, then your current ‘career’ is not ‘THE ONE’ yet for you. In another words, you’ve havent found it. No matter how tough it gets, as long as it is a career, you will try your best to work things out, solve problem by problem and become a better man at the end of the day. I’m sure these stars have all found a career in this line which is why the flame of passion can burn for so long. Some say a 3-5 year commitment is long enough, (may i ask: how many 3 – 5 years a woman can afford to spare? a reason to the good sales of night creams ^.^) goodness, not to mention 12, 15 or even 24!! Instead of abandoning it, you’ll spend huge effort salvaging it. E.g. If a husband is not working hard to save his failed or about-to-fail marriage, to his wife, please ‘dispose’ him for either he is not seeing you as a destination, (more like a stop-over) or like an expert often says: he is just not that into you. You deserve someone better!

My mentor once mentioned this to me:

when we are below age of 25: Exploration Stage. we can still afford to party, chill out & pay the most minimum bills etc. It is an exploration stage for us. Finding what we truly want.

between 25 – 30 : Have already found it – By right, we should have already found what we want & should be working diligently for it. Newbies in the trade.

30 – 35 : Mentoring stage. We would have become at least somewhere earning comfortable income, having the ability to afford yearly oversea trips to places like Europe etc. Owning our first car, first huge investment (involving our first 100k perhaps) first house, first partner, first newborn etc. Sad to say: This is also when more bills swim in. At the stage, we should be talking about 5 to 6 digits stuff.

35 – 40 : Master of the trade. We would have become a level higher than normals. Good life here if we had worked hard enough when we were younger. Reaping what we sowed. Upgrading our first car (not partner though) , first house, holiday trips to higher quality. More bills? Yes of course. Plus our folks healthcare services. But if we are earning a bigger pie, though bills become larger slices, its alrite.

40 – 45 : golden era. Needless to say, its time to enjoy!! what we reaped in the thirties will be nothing compared to our forties. A much large pie is forseen. Again I emphasize diligence and we reap what we sow theory. If in the twenties and thirties hardwork and basic groundwork have been done, there is little reason to obstruct this stage.

by 50s and above: being half a century on earth at this stage, we should be looking way beyond just monetarily terms. Successful people like Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Jet Li, Jackie Chan & many more now spend more time helping the poor than anything else. Yes of course, if we are still working, it is nothing to be shameful of. But we shouldn’t really be breaking those fragile bones of ours slogging yet for another salary to pay neverending bills. To work for pleasure, leisure or to help others is strongly recommended though ^.^

So in conclusion, if at a young age we are able to ‘see’ all these, older people will definitely say we are soooo lucky!! But how many can actually see it ? What’s with the term ” new age strawberry clan’ then? (aka Cao Mei Zu) For older people who may only ‘see’ it now, its not too late either. Nothing is ever too late for anything. At least at the end of the day, you can give yourself a proud pat on the shoulder and smile with a clear conscience. A toast to many more years of great living ahead!!

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Battling the “Weight Issue”

April 21, 2010 Leave a comment

I’m glad to hear that the new generation of insurance agents * 1980s babies, who now joined the force, works not just for the $ value. So far, agents about my age whom joined the industry joined, have one common belief: they are believer in insurance themselves & that they’ve witnessed many incidents on the importance of it. Whenever i hear this, I’m glad that the industry has welcomed one more potential gem and will be polishing it further till it influences more. Coz when the ultimate beauty of this industry is seen, trust me, even should the agent one day quit, he / she will still be a 100% consumer of it.

The joy of helping one person and to the extent of changing that person’s life forever beats a million other little things. It’s one thing that will stay etched to one’s mind.

Last October, I’ve assisted one of my customers to lose the weight. Since then, she became a happier and healthier person. Lost a total of 10kg! She now leads a healthier lifestyle and weight hardly bounce back. ( as of april 2010) Through her, i see a determined little girl who worked hard to achieve her goal. In the past, she too has failed before. Far too many to count. But I’m very proud of her. 80% of what she is now owes it to her own effort. She took control of her life and not leave it to fate to decide that she should be overweight forever.

Once you’re on track to lose your first few kilos, you’ll be motivated to lose more. And EXERCISE is very important!! Indulge in group activities (like join a gym) if you do not like solo jogging. Most gyms like Fitness First etc offers an ideal environment. When you see the good looking instructors or people who are way fatter than you making the best effort to sweat that extras kilos, around, you’ll be even more motivated. Coz exercise helps tone our flabby meat which becomes flabbier as we lose the weight. And taking the right supplements help curb your cravings much better and providing your body enough fuel for daily routine without feeling dizzy. Supplements help fill in major gaps of nutrients which we are missing out each day. Example, B Complex helps release energy from the food we eat,absolute essential for our nervous system & improves our metabolism, C helps us boost a better immune while Calcium Magnesium helps calm us down & improvement of sleep quality. And for people who has constipation problem, magnesium helps soften stools making every ‘bombing’ session much easier and more enjoyable. Afterwhich your tummy will be at least an inch flatter.

I myself do not belong to the ‘slim & fit’ category, therefore i FULLY understand how an overweight person feels. And when he/she wants to lose the weight, most importantly, MENTALLY he/she must be ready. And to slim for a GOOD reason apart from just looking good. Otherwise, weight will easily bounce back again. Tip #2, do not hurry. The more you tell yourself you wanna slim, don’t eat this, don’t eat that, the more you’ll be stressed and then double the quantity of food intake. and more tomorrows will appear. (tomorrow then cut on the soft drinks la, tomorrow then eat less rice la..blah blah)

both mentally & physically :

The endless diet recipes ( watermelon diet, only fruits diet, no carbo diet, cambrid** diet, Slim t*n pills then diet), endless temptations to the most delicious food out there (  full cream chocolate chip ice blended mocha; cheese fries; fried chicken wings; BBQ stingray with extra chilli & gravy; extra topping of cheese over hawaiian pizza & jumbo Carl’s Junior burger );

ever-tiring workouts (short but super tiring 15min treadmill, 45min aerobics, 20 laps of swimming, 5 sets of 15 of sit ups & lifting of dumb dumb bells, profuse perspiration from just warm-up only even before the main exercise aka having finished popcorns before the movie even starts theory), having to drag oneself up from bed (early in the morning 7 o’clock) and then feet to exercise, mentally stressed by every inch of fats around the body (why fit only into Topshop size 14 & above, Dorothy Perkins, Zara, and not those cute little boutiques in Bugis & far east? – pity the store please. Space area is already crammed with a cashier machine, a changing room and shelves of clothes for S – M or free-size which usually mean M max again, let alone space for extra sized clothes) blah blah blah. All these are negative forces found easily from any possibly-overweight person.

So let’s get healthy people! Start by thinking healthy! People say: you are what you eat. I say ” you are what you think you are! ” The power of brain is very scary if you’ve watched Shutter Island, you’ll get what i mean. Yes, it will worth your $10 movie ticket.


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April 18 2010 – rainy day

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Past couple of days have been interestingly tired. What do i mean by that? Means busy + interesting = happily tired. Or I would say, Im finally walk out of my most-challenged stage in work. Sense of achievement in helping people solve their health problems has been increasing day by day as more positive feedbacks swarm in. I always tell my customers – when you are sick, please see a doctor and me. When you are somewhere in between, at the borderline of your health, neither really sick nor healthy, you see me. When you are healthy, do not take your good health granted, coz it may slip by you anytime without you knowing.

In the past, blogging was not my cup of tea. Often, lack of time made up one of my biggest excuses. Today, perhaps as years grown older, more thoughts to be recorded and before i forget them , i decided to pen them down in one of the most popular way- blogging. Am gonna write successful cases (& unsuccessful ones hopefully if they are prominent enough to be rememebered) which happened in my career. Am gonna remind myself constantly that this should be the beauty of Amway – helping people who wants to help themselves. In the past, i help anyone. People who don’t wish to help themselves and people who want to help themselves. but it took me hard lessons to finally understand that im not a superman afterall. If the other party does not wish to be helped and you’ve done your best in persuading or helping him/her, why so xin ku and dig one’s grave? One day they’ll come to realise naturally. And me? Im just carrying out kiasu spirit. now, i spend my additional time, helping more people who truly wants to help themselves. Cases like : ….

Amazing case no 1:

Middle age businesswoman, undergoing HRT (Hormones Replacement Therapy), skin feels dry and itchy. Followed by infection behind delicate ear area, meno-pause problem. Not very good sleep quality. sometimes, breathing difficulties at night. Asthma based.

Has been a very satisfied customer so far. Signs of the above have reduced drastically with the help of supplements and hopefully in long run need not have to attend HRT anymore as long term usage may lead to higher risk of cancer. HRT is a procedure whereby doctors insert hormones to a person to reduce negatives like excessive perspiration, drastic mood swings, uncontrollable hot flushes etc. All these are signs of menopause, process may or may not be easy depending on each individual.

Part of her improved health goes to her self – discipline i would say. i could have given her the best recipe but its her effort & new daily habits afterall which led to best results.

Amazing case No 2:

Young student, at the age of 19, experiencing fatigue, lack of concentration and constipation.

Left me a msg early morning today , informing me on the good news!! And what can the good news be? yes that;s right! The ability to ‘bomb’ smoothly. Woke up in the morning, have advised her to relax, and ‘wait for the moment’. With a relax mind , anything is possible. plus the night before, special recipe of coz! Most importantly, she trusts me. Trust my recipe, trusts my credibility & trusts that it’ll work. there is this saying: Do not be suspicious of those whom you trust and don’t trust those whom you are suspicious of.

Amazing case no 3:

Lady with weight problem, struggles with high blood and cholesterol problem. Again, determination & self – discipline are vital roles just like case no 1.

Amazing case no 4:

Foreign worker in F& B line, suffers really bad anemia. Weak and dizzy easily. When in air con room, immediately can ‘feel it’ that next day will most probably catch a flu. Very weak immune system. Overworked & malnutrition syndrome.

Amazing case no5:

Well to do businessman, director of his own company. Overworked, overstressed both mentally and physically (liver & overall). Joint problem. Gout history.  Not really a good believer in supplements. But most amazing thing is he is finally taking the first step to take charge of his health & one of the way is to start eating a balanced diet and reducing on his alcohol intake. Eaasy for some, but hell of a tough one when your work requires entertainment & drinking activities. But remember: Be a rich (physically) rich (monetarily) person.  Not a poor rich bloke.

But most importantly, being able to help more and more people each day to solve little problems like these actually made my day. Doctors to do the big problems. While this industry of mine is to carry out  ‘prevention is better than cure’ message.  health is THAT IMPORTANT! Health is wealth as the old saying goes.

rainy day today*new circle line opened* started my day at 2pm after lunch. —planned schedule of the day — 4 pm went to the east for a delivery to new customer (poor bowel movement woes) drenched by the huge rain – 6pm went to paya lebar for another delivery ( existing customer – for her mum – joints & poor blood circulation problem) – 7.30pm went to cck (new customer – slimming & to improve joints objective) – 8.30pm cck (follow up with customer who is my regular manicurist) — 1030pm (last delivery of the day to a new customer * case no .5) who happens to stay nearby.

Tmr will be a brand new day!!

ps: everything happens for a good reason! this kept me going through both tough and happy times.

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BKK Trip Apr 3 – 6 2010

April 12, 2010 Leave a comment

amazing trip!!! i will crown it as trip of the year! I really do believe now- what really makes a great trip is all about who you are travelling with and only a minor 20% lies in which country it may be.

Apr 3 to Apr 6 i had an amazing time with my two dear friends. This trip made me discover different sides of my two buddies. Thank god, in a good way. =)

Close ones around me say I’m one stubborn girl. yes i am. despite turmoils and negative news happening in bkk, my friends and i went ahead as plan. Call us young monsters, or daring youth, i guess this is just a way of being young. Situation over there during these 4 days actually did not seem as bad as reported. Yes, areas were congested, roads were blocked and major shopping malls were forced to cease operations. & According to news, a total of 500million SGD has been lost so far. But, when one really joins in the crowd, people were more like feeling united for a reason, they sang and cheer to the slogan, stood by each other and some even helped eased the congested traffic.

Day 1:

Plane touched down around 9 plus in the morning. Chai & I went to Grand Diamond via taxi to meet alicia. To  my surprise, first thing that greeted us on the expressway was Amway Ad board. huge.

When we reached the hotel , 2nd thing i noticed was the hotel actually bought x3 of its air filter. me stunned.

Both of us were then greeted by alicia, she looked so happy =) Spent the day hunting a good place to relax, wanted to go cENTRAL World & Big C but both were closed. Eventually went to a mall, did out thai massage while alicia did her french. (unfortunately, the lady didnt do a very good job) while chai & i were like : having our bones ‘broken’ all the way. (thanks to the massage) Lol!! At night, we went to Suam Lum night market. Lucky it was opened. For the first time, as a tourist, i actually worry more about shops being opened than whether if i have enough money to shop anot. Coz, situation was more like, you may not be able to shop the way you want even though u have the cash. Bought lots of stuff!!

Day 2: A great day at jatuchak weekend market.Rumours about it being way too expensive etc were at least 70% proven wrong to me. the 3 of us had great buys man. Shirts at $8 below. t-shirt at $6 below. Drinks & ice pops at 10 baht each. Latte & ice coffee at 50baht below. Shopped like mad, and sweat like mad. LOL!!!

There was this incident though: Just when alicia and chai were choosing at some potential pieces, suddenly the hawkers just packed and ran! So drama! But its true! Apparantly they were hawkering at an illegal slot. But we did our country proud anyway. We waited for their return (shortly after 5 mins), paid without even much bargaining and left. Guess we never met this in Singapore before, were kinda stunned. Before logic hits us, we were pricked by our conscience. Nope, we do not go away without paying. That’s mankind instinct. There is such thing as Karma ya know…LOL

At night, we visited one of the most beautiful places in BKK, rooftop bar at Banyan tree for a drink. Wow, the night sight is amazing!! something like what we can see from Singapore Flyer. Under the moonlight, each of us basked in the mood of relaxation. Gone are worries, stress and problems. There, we see only stars, beautiful people drinking, chatting and enjoying the night altogether.

haha, and there was this HUGE-RAT-IN-THE-RESTURANT incident. While everyone were sinking into the lovely dinner (aahaan aroy mak), i heard some ‘thing’ moving next to me. Dont why there is this channel that looks like a drain somehow. part of decor i think. but whoever designed it ought to be slapped. That place is perfect for rats to move in and out, like some short of secret passage to the kitchen and then back to their nest again. At first, i thought it was the next door making noise or something but my sixth sense tells me its more than meet the eye. And then, taa-daa!! Behind my friend, out came i saw the RAT!! Yes no kidding, a huge one. i would give it a XL for that. immediately, i pulled to chai, pointed at that thing, think he was shocked too!! Alicia saw what the both of us saw and there you go, a table of singaporeans x3 making much lovely noise. lol!! and reasong being? THE RAT! took us quite some time to settle down again from the drama before continuing with the dinner. No doubt, dinner was good. We shouldnt criticize the good food to a lousy one because of the rat , or should we? =) mai roo na. mai khao jia thammai got rat man. mai dii na.

Day3: A visit to amway warehouse. THe place was huge man. big. comparable to the one in Taiwan. probably slightly smaller. but in terms of the variety of items sold, it will not lose. Wanted to buy Amway Rice back but my mum will probably kill me. lOL!! met up with mr piboon, very nice person. brought me around the warehouse, showed me around. There , under the board of honors, i chanced upon the pic of a young diamond. probably same age as me. in uni i think. lor mak. met another diamond , (used to be dentist), then came another diamond, then another. Think its because mr piboon is one, so his circle of friends probably consists of many diamonds too. After the short excursion, met up with alicia and chai at MBK again. The movie was great!! 120baht, good movie, good theatre. Hahaha, we were basically laughing our butts off. the movie was really really lame but funny!! so so script, so so artistes, so so storyline but we were totally blown away but its humour. A1 for that. At night, as we were turning in, from my bed point of view, i somehow sense something. Don’t worry, its not that kind. I just realised that our neighbour could see exactly we were doing and vice versa , we could too. At first, the room was dark, possible movement from opposite side was limited. but as i looked closer, i could literally see them and whatever they were doing in the room. thank god they weren’t doing any hanky panky. but it was funny enough to keep the 3 f us laughing for a while. Haha!!! 3 or 4 men if i m not wrong, wore basically nothing but their undies , lying on the bed to watch TV or something. As normal as it seems , but at that point of time, it was hilarious coz i’ve excluded some ‘lovely’ conversations the 3 of us had in the room. LOL! LOL! but then again, why would men wore nothing but undies (not boxers type) to sleep or in front of their room mates overseas in a hotel? at least boxers might look more decent but LOL!! its like girls wearing bikini in hotel to sleep or in front of their roommates instead of normal T-Shirt or PJ. maybe its normal for guys? hhahaa..quickly, we shut the curtains. & and it remained shut till the day we left.

* on our way back to hotel, we met a really good cab driver. Drove in short cut and took us back to hotel in less than the usual 10 mins. fOR his honesty, instead of 62 baht shown in the meter, we gave him 100baht. (which is only around $4SGD) hope it made his shift a better one. Alot of times when we travel, we tend to remember only ourselves. Many a times we forget others and possible way that we can actually make & cheer someone’s day. One impt travel tip i learnt : think not just yourself. be good to others and treat others the way you would like to be treated. good things and good people will be sent along the way to make your trip  an unforgettable one.

day 4: well…this was the hardest part. I don’t wanna leave the place. i love it so much there. past 4 days had been great! everything was great. so was the protests. things were taking for the worst. larger area was congested. on our way to the airport, the cabby was very funny! interesting on why do we keep on meeting interesting things along the way? hahahha..the jam was so bad , the 3 of us were quite worried and panicked that if we were to catch the plane in time by 4.25pm. interestingly, the cabby was more kan-chiong than us. cOZ of the jam, his car engine seems to die off everytime we stopped for too long, plus the sun was scorching hot! One moment, in english, he assured us everything was gonna be alright and that we’ll reach there on time. But at the same moment, his expression gave him away. and in thai, he was like: “die die liao.” He probably didnt’ know we understood a little thai. good enough to survive in the country. We gave him 500 baht at the end of the day. coz he was forced to commission the bell boy 100 baht for introducing us to him. so he ended up earning 100baht less. We bought his story coz you can just tell if a person is lying anot, and this poor fellow here who left his countryside to seek a better life in bKK as a taxi driver certainly does not deserve treatment like this.

to round up our trip, we met a nice irish uncle who sat next to me, asked me if i was from singapore and from there we began chatting. Thank goodness i’ve got chai and alicia who helped me with some conversation along the way to fill in awkward silence parts. He looked like he;s in his late fifties, half retired, wife and children in ireland and family runs a stone business. Hmm…regarding the stone business part, think alvyn knows more about it than i do. To me, he fits the bill of retirees who finally are doing what they like after slogging for more than 3 decades. From him, i ask myself, when Im 50, what kind of lifestyle will i be leading? What kind of person will i be? & what kind of mindset and attitude will i have towards life? Will i be as carefree and happy like this sir is?

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