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April 18 2010 – rainy day

Past couple of days have been interestingly tired. What do i mean by that? Means busy + interesting = happily tired. Or I would say, Im finally walk out of my most-challenged stage in work. Sense of achievement in helping people solve their health problems has been increasing day by day as more positive feedbacks swarm in. I always tell my customers – when you are sick, please see a doctor and me. When you are somewhere in between, at the borderline of your health, neither really sick nor healthy, you see me. When you are healthy, do not take your good health granted, coz it may slip by you anytime without you knowing.

In the past, blogging was not my cup of tea. Often, lack of time made up one of my biggest excuses. Today, perhaps as years grown older, more thoughts to be recorded and before i forget them , i decided to pen them down in one of the most popular way- blogging. Am gonna write successful cases (& unsuccessful ones hopefully if they are prominent enough to be rememebered) which happened in my career. Am gonna remind myself constantly that this should be the beauty of Amway – helping people who wants to help themselves. In the past, i help anyone. People who don’t wish to help themselves and people who want to help themselves. but it took me hard lessons to finally understand that im not a superman afterall. If the other party does not wish to be helped and you’ve done your best in persuading or helping him/her, why so xin ku and dig one’s grave? One day they’ll come to realise naturally. And me? Im just carrying out kiasu spirit. now, i spend my additional time, helping more people who truly wants to help themselves. Cases like : ….

Amazing case no 1:

Middle age businesswoman, undergoing HRT (Hormones Replacement Therapy), skin feels dry and itchy. Followed by infection behind delicate ear area, meno-pause problem. Not very good sleep quality. sometimes, breathing difficulties at night. Asthma based.

Has been a very satisfied customer so far. Signs of the above have reduced drastically with the help of supplements and hopefully in long run need not have to attend HRT anymore as long term usage may lead to higher risk of cancer. HRT is a procedure whereby doctors insert hormones to a person to reduce negatives like excessive perspiration, drastic mood swings, uncontrollable hot flushes etc. All these are signs of menopause, process may or may not be easy depending on each individual.

Part of her improved health goes to her self – discipline i would say. i could have given her the best recipe but its her effort & new daily habits afterall which led to best results.

Amazing case No 2:

Young student, at the age of 19, experiencing fatigue, lack of concentration and constipation.

Left me a msg early morning today , informing me on the good news!! And what can the good news be? yes that;s right! The ability to ‘bomb’ smoothly. Woke up in the morning, have advised her to relax, and ‘wait for the moment’. With a relax mind , anything is possible. plus the night before, special recipe of coz! Most importantly, she trusts me. Trust my recipe, trusts my credibility & trusts that it’ll work. there is this saying: Do not be suspicious of those whom you trust and don’t trust those whom you are suspicious of.

Amazing case no 3:

Lady with weight problem, struggles with high blood and cholesterol problem. Again, determination & self – discipline are vital roles just like case no 1.

Amazing case no 4:

Foreign worker in F& B line, suffers really bad anemia. Weak and dizzy easily. When in air con room, immediately can ‘feel it’ that next day will most probably catch a flu. Very weak immune system. Overworked & malnutrition syndrome.

Amazing case no5:

Well to do businessman, director of his own company. Overworked, overstressed both mentally and physically (liver & overall). Joint problem. Gout history.  Not really a good believer in supplements. But most amazing thing is he is finally taking the first step to take charge of his health & one of the way is to start eating a balanced diet and reducing on his alcohol intake. Eaasy for some, but hell of a tough one when your work requires entertainment & drinking activities. But remember: Be a rich (physically) rich (monetarily) person.  Not a poor rich bloke.

But most importantly, being able to help more and more people each day to solve little problems like these actually made my day. Doctors to do the big problems. While this industry of mine is to carry out  ‘prevention is better than cure’ message.  health is THAT IMPORTANT! Health is wealth as the old saying goes.

rainy day today*new circle line opened* started my day at 2pm after lunch. —planned schedule of the day — 4 pm went to the east for a delivery to new customer (poor bowel movement woes) drenched by the huge rain – 6pm went to paya lebar for another delivery ( existing customer – for her mum – joints & poor blood circulation problem) – 7.30pm went to cck (new customer – slimming & to improve joints objective) – 8.30pm cck (follow up with customer who is my regular manicurist) — 1030pm (last delivery of the day to a new customer * case no .5) who happens to stay nearby.

Tmr will be a brand new day!!

ps: everything happens for a good reason! this kept me going through both tough and happy times.

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