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Job Vs Career

27 Years for Director Zhen

24 years for Dennis Chew

22 years for Zhu Hou Ren & Mark Lee

15 years for Christopher Lee …

To many of us, these figures may seem insignificant. But to each & everyone of them, all these familiar numbers mentioned during Star Awards on Sunday night meant a thousand million words. Every year, I’m always looking forward to Star Awards. Mainly is because there are lots to learn from these seniors. (Not because entertainment industry is my dream but their attitude towards their career is something , esp us, younger generation should learn from.)  

“If you’re working for the sake of salary now, it is only a job to you.  It means ‘ Just Over Broke’. So you need a salary to cover your fixed expenses. It is always the last thing you’ll dream of at night before you sleep and always the first thing to dread of when you wake up. Don’t we just wish everyday is Christmas Day?  When something better comes along the way, better offers, better benefits, you’ll probably jump over if there is a chance. Coz it’s only job anyways. ”

“But if you treat your current work as a career, something which you’ll foresee yourself doing in the next 5, 10, or even 30 years like these guys up there, every single day to you will be filled with happiness, excitment and positive thoughts. You won’t just work for the money and be a slave to it. You will be a owner to the income instead and beyond just work, you’ll see yourself creating values to others, something money can’t buy- values. Vice versa, it’ll be something you’ll look most forward to the moment you wake up (apart from smelling your loved one next to you : ) and something you’ll think about before you sleep. It is like falling in love and looking forward to spend the rest of your life with your best partner on earth! (my blessings to newly wed Mr & Mrs Daniel Wu who tied their knot recently in South Africa, in a tiny little mud house..so sweeeet. given both of their status)

Steve Job once mentioned, you gotta love what you do and do what you love. They are the same for work as for lovers. The years rolling will just keep getting better.

So here is a simple and honest question, when you found a career you love so much, will you abandone for another?  If your answer is yes, then your current ‘career’ is not ‘THE ONE’ yet for you. In another words, you’ve havent found it. No matter how tough it gets, as long as it is a career, you will try your best to work things out, solve problem by problem and become a better man at the end of the day. I’m sure these stars have all found a career in this line which is why the flame of passion can burn for so long. Some say a 3-5 year commitment is long enough, (may i ask: how many 3 – 5 years a woman can afford to spare? a reason to the good sales of night creams ^.^) goodness, not to mention 12, 15 or even 24!! Instead of abandoning it, you’ll spend huge effort salvaging it. E.g. If a husband is not working hard to save his failed or about-to-fail marriage, to his wife, please ‘dispose’ him for either he is not seeing you as a destination, (more like a stop-over) or like an expert often says: he is just not that into you. You deserve someone better!

My mentor once mentioned this to me:

when we are below age of 25: Exploration Stage. we can still afford to party, chill out & pay the most minimum bills etc. It is an exploration stage for us. Finding what we truly want.

between 25 – 30 : Have already found it – By right, we should have already found what we want & should be working diligently for it. Newbies in the trade.

30 – 35 : Mentoring stage. We would have become at least somewhere earning comfortable income, having the ability to afford yearly oversea trips to places like Europe etc. Owning our first car, first huge investment (involving our first 100k perhaps) first house, first partner, first newborn etc. Sad to say: This is also when more bills swim in. At the stage, we should be talking about 5 to 6 digits stuff.

35 – 40 : Master of the trade. We would have become a level higher than normals. Good life here if we had worked hard enough when we were younger. Reaping what we sowed. Upgrading our first car (not partner though) , first house, holiday trips to higher quality. More bills? Yes of course. Plus our folks healthcare services. But if we are earning a bigger pie, though bills become larger slices, its alrite.

40 – 45 : golden era. Needless to say, its time to enjoy!! what we reaped in the thirties will be nothing compared to our forties. A much large pie is forseen. Again I emphasize diligence and we reap what we sow theory. If in the twenties and thirties hardwork and basic groundwork have been done, there is little reason to obstruct this stage.

by 50s and above: being half a century on earth at this stage, we should be looking way beyond just monetarily terms. Successful people like Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Jet Li, Jackie Chan & many more now spend more time helping the poor than anything else. Yes of course, if we are still working, it is nothing to be shameful of. But we shouldn’t really be breaking those fragile bones of ours slogging yet for another salary to pay neverending bills. To work for pleasure, leisure or to help others is strongly recommended though ^.^

So in conclusion, if at a young age we are able to ‘see’ all these, older people will definitely say we are soooo lucky!! But how many can actually see it ? What’s with the term ” new age strawberry clan’ then? (aka Cao Mei Zu) For older people who may only ‘see’ it now, its not too late either. Nothing is ever too late for anything. At least at the end of the day, you can give yourself a proud pat on the shoulder and smile with a clear conscience. A toast to many more years of great living ahead!!

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