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importance of Reflect

Woo~ April 2010 has left us and here comes Month of May…

Last month has been an amazing wonderful month ! (yes, there may be downs as well but no point crying over spilt milk. mOST Importantly we learn to move on from spilt milk, reflect and improve to prevent the next bottle from spilling dont u agree?)

Month of April taught me one important lesson. & that is; Don’t give up easily in your field & people can see/feel it esp when you put your heart & soul to it. Don’t skip here & there. Be faithful. There is always good karma to doing it. In my previous article, i mentioned how a normal life journey by right should be. Before age of 25, we are privileged to explore around what we really want as most of us would not have settled down yet. between 25 – 30, we should most likely have found what we really really want; a career which we’ll marry to & hold on till the end …and so on and so forth.

Then i looked back at mine….Most of my friends know the field I am in & they will always say : Your career & you are binded as one already.(in a positive way) To the extent – in their eyes, I’m never sick of my industry. Its strong enough to become part of me & my lifestyle. But, to all:  Don’t you agree that it is a blessing to know someone who mean what they say and say what they mean? If you do not agree, then congrats! you’ve havent met enough devils in life yet. To all my friends out there: as much as you know me & my character, you’ll be amazed that I do meet devils too. & because of these devils which made me almost ‘vomit blood’ , i told myself i’ve got to set values straight & not be like them.

In business, this is very important. The Credibility & trust we give to our customers including our friends. Sometimes we tend to take for granted to people who are esp close to us & often forget they are sometimes customers too. We either over-sell or under-service. If our friends began to shun us, its time to reflect why.

For most business owners or self employed, initial stage will take a little more effort in sowing seeds & creating awareness. Support esp from closest family members were the hardest to gain. ( skeptical eyes are often present. What may seems like sincere advice sounded like doubts to me sometimes.) First 2 years for me was a struggle as I was at cross junction. No clear direction then & neither did  I know that I would be serious in this business. I just knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur, be my own boss, as i always believe that it is only in business that has a good system will one be able to really have money work for you. Unlike being employed, there will always be endless of politics (yeap it is everywhere but some place will always have maximum politics while some have minimum of it) , fixed salary (with perhaps some yearly bonus) etc. But what irks me is that my fate will always lie in someone’s else hand. Yes, in life, we do meet good people. Lets say I meet a really good boss who appreciates my talent & my usefulness to the company but who is able to stop a global financial tsunami? What if Im being retrenched at the age when I need $$$ the most? Yes, there is also certain risk to strive out on own. Perhaps it is my character. Perhaps I like to be unpredictable. I like changes & new things. Perhaps I was from Hospitality & Tourism Management which enhanced my hunger to lead a not-so-normal-&-a-little-more-exciting life. Perhaps this character of mine is also why i attracted friends of similar character. =)

Year 2010 will mark my 3rd to my business. Woohoo~~ & Next year will be my 4th and then very soon, i’ll reach my 5th anniversary. I often ask myself, how many 5 years will we have in our peak moment? Peak as in good, healthy & young stage in life. Filled with bustling energy all day long, good health still, dare to dream spirit (which sad to say seems to decrease everytime one’s age increases) etc… Esp for ladies, how many 5 years can we afford to commit to our career?

Up to date,thanks to my field, I ve made many interesting friends. Friends of different culture & language  (thailand, taiwan, china & malaysian, friends of different age group ( as young as teens to almost 70 year old), friends from all walks of life (from a normal hawker to company’s director to aspiring artistes) & friends of different characters  & family backgrounds. (from single mum to happy family of four etc ) My field has opened my eyes to another level i would say. Perspectives which I never used to see before now appears. Thoughts have matured along the way (still long way for improvement though) & behaviour seems better i would say. (at least more independent). For my age of 23, I often motivate myself that its amazing!! If you agree with me, you’ll nod to the fact :

1. not many young people know what they want

2. not many are able to find good mentors (be it of same or different industry )  to learn from therefore keep having merry-go-rounds in life till they are old.

3. some youth dared to dream & but dared not pursue it while some dared  to dream, dared to pursue but lacks consistency.

4. not many constantly reflect & think & reflect & think

5. not many dared to go against esp family’s objections & pursue what they really want

6. back to the square one : not many youths are hungry for success for we are too comfortable and pampered since young including me myself. & frankly speaking, it did take me quite some time to think before discovering what i really want. But has the new generation even start to think ?

Don’t be shy to motivate yourself OFTEN!! SELF MOTIVATION IS ONE OF THE GREATEST GIFTS WE ARE BLESSED WITH IF WE KNOW HOW TO UNLEASH IT. Learn to self -appreciate more often too. BALANCE is the key, there must be a balance to everything. Over self appreciation might lead to arrogance. Therefore Balance is the key.

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