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grandpa catches Ip Man II

I’ve finally made my promise last friday to grandpa! It feels AWFULLY TERRIBLE to not do what one has promised and vice versa, it feels AWFULLY GREAT to fulfill one’s promise to another, moreover its to your grandfather. Eversince the passing of grandma, many things have changed..& just when I was scratching my head to think of something to spice up my grandfather’s life, there Ip Man II came to the rescue. It was also my very first time bringing him to the movies!! Think I had just made ‘memoir’ in my life journal once again.


Friday 4.30Pm IP MAN II

it was a 4.30pm show at Eng Wah Jubliee @ amk.

Chose a not-so-near & not-so-far seat from the screen.

Arrived perfectly at the hall.

Grandpa was holding a walking stick. He was trying his best to figure his way in the dark too, though I was beside him to stand by just in case.

Found our seat, bingo! 4th row from the front.

Got settled down.

His eyes were wide opened, staring at the huge flickering screen. & movie began… …


& thing is , throughout the movie, instead of concentrating on Ip Man, my main main focus was more on grandfather instead. LOL. i kept asking if he was cold, if he needed to go toilet, if he understood the movie, if he can see the screen. After an hour, if he would like to go toilet, if he was cold, if he would like to put on his jacket etc. If you were sitting right next to me, you’ll probably slap me to shut up. Yes i know & I can totally understand that. LOL!! But as much as it may irritate a 3rd person’s point of view, you;ll be surprised, each time i asked a question, grandpa just nodded he is fine. He is good. He is comfortable. Nope, he does not need the gents. Yes, he could see the screen. & though he’s into his 80s already, he still reacts quite well, at least in my memory, he laughed when Ip Man & Sammo Hong ended in as equals during their fight at table top. A huge enlightenment to me at that poiint of time, Movies do PLAY A HUGE IMPORTANT ROLE in everyone’s life esp senior citizens. So no more excuses in not bringing senior citizens out.

ps:  There was this other senior citizen walking in slowly to his seat too, accompanied by his son. He too was holding a walking stick, slowly making his way up. i was like: grandpa, your friend over there… lol, i meant more like : look grandpa, its normal to watch movie at your age, see, you’ve got company!

During the movie, yes, grandpa did make a trip to the gents afterall. & here, i thank the audience the other day for being so kind and patient. As we walked down the steps to the gents, more or less the screen would be blocked right? I was so worried people would be hissing for us to hurry. Locals do have a heart afterall. Imagine you’re in the middle of the most exciting part & then came an elderly walking down the aisle slowly, will you hiss at him? Nope, at least i wont. Coz one day, I’ll be like that too.


Therefore at the end of a fruitful 2 hour, conclusion is :

1. Yeap, I missed 20% of the movie. But i compensated myself by catching 2nd time with my dad. (He has been waiting eagerly for this show too).

2. I discovered, by showing the ticket counter a senior citizen EZ Link, the tickets are only $4 each for them.

3. Tip: Always have elderly sitted in early before the movie coz they’ll have difficulty finding their seats.

4. Always bring a jacket & advise them to drink little water before the movie

5. Sit near exit. (in a small cinema, 3 to 4 rows away from screen is ideal)

6. Trend: Elderly apparently no longer like walking sticks but rather, substitute with umbrella instead.

7. Self-reflect: Uncles & grandfathers are apparently more ‘on’, ‘hip’ than grandmothers & aunties. Aunties do not like having to sit in a cold place for more than an hour and to face a huge screen. They would rather ‘dry-swim’ aka Mahjong I believed. But for uncles and grandfathers, action movies will always be a lovely choice! Esp if the actors are from their generation.

8. choose a weekday; 4.30pm timeslot is perfect coz its non-peak, so you won’t have to worry if the cinema will be crowded etc. even if elderly has to go proceed to gents, we wouldnt have to worry much in blocking others. & after the movie, perfect once again for a lovely family dinner at 7pm. & while their mind is still fresh from the movie, good topic to talk about during dinner.

9. Don’t over-protect the elderly. its like teaching child to walk. usually, when a child falls accidentally while learning to walk, natural reflex would be to stand up and walk again unless it was really a bad fall. but if parents over protect & gave unnecessary woo & ahhss, the child will cry even louder & seek the attention. & in future, we;ll only be grooming pampered children instead of brave warriors who learn the spirit :  to stand up again after fell. What i meant was : if they’re able to carry out chores by themselves, by all means let them do it. i’ve seen some cases whereby almost everything maid maid maid. Whats the point of living then? Elderly (like little children) do sometimes need to feel that they are still useful.

During this movie trip, yes i did hold on to him a few times. but most of the time, i encouraged him to walk by himself. For my side, as long as i m always in a standby mode to ‘back him up’, its alright. Walk with him, not Walk for him. Eat with him, not eat for him. Do things at their pace for once, this is one of the things I’ve learnt.


Let’s strive to make our little lives a little more eventful each time, shall we? Otherwise in a blink blink of eye, time will just fly. Soon comes, jan, then feb, then june, then dec, then another new year. kinda scary isnt it. this will also mean our loved ones are growing older day by day & the amount of time to spend with them reduces as well. a 2 hour spent like this is priceless. Something within most our ability. It just a matter of choice & priority. Don’t always ‘ next time’. For once, do it this time.

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