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”No such thing as ugly girls; just superbly lazy ones”

Interesting May 15th 2010 yesterday. Did amazing make overs for 4 beautiful young ladies, each of different ‘flavours’. But ultimately its the happiness & sense of achievement shared by everyone in the team who made it possible.

Make Overs are one of the best ways to rediscover oneself, a side which you’ve never thought you can be. Quit admiring pretty babes from magazines or from friends’ facebook. Be one yourself!! Everyone is blessed with a special look. Even identical twins will look different. Polish from there & brand yourself to a whole new you. Don’t be a shadow of others. Admire yes, Envy yes, but not copy.

Profile 1) H.Fen :

Background: V. Oily Skin, Used to have really really bad acne & outbreak. Uneven Skin texture. Clogged pores woes.

Tips: Proper Good cleansing, toning & moisturising is a MUST. This ‘before’ pic is actually an improved version to H.Fen’s skin as compared to 6 months ago. She has been diligently following a skincare & diet regime to help reduce on inflammation & further out-breaks. A good scrub followed by pore cleansing masque is absolute necessary too. With clean skin, make up becomes way easier & end result will be fantastic for her type of skin condition! With a touch of good quality foundation which is light & yet covers well, skin will feel happy & make up will look wolala! Who says acne prone people aren’t entitled to make up? yes you can IF ONLY you’re not lazy in the make up removing & basic skincare regime. Anything is possible!

ps: If the focus is on the eyes & lashes, go easy on the lip-colour.

Profile 2) Jolene

Background: Dry & tired looking skin. Freckles based & uneven skin tone. Fines lines around eye area despite young age.

Tips: A moisture Intense Masque together with Guasha Facial Massage will work wonders to her skin type. Not only will skin look more radiant, it will also glow beautifully & instantly. Her strength lies in her pair of lovely eyes & brows which require little management skills apart from regular trims & eye care regime like using a a good lifting eye creme diligently. Very good example to display sun-kissed look, with a touch of J.Lopez style. Tanned girls rocks too!

Ps: To ladies with long thick hair  : A good pony tail (with large earrings) will give an instant facelift together with the combo of masscara & eyeliner. Wollalala! or we can go with Option 2: Let it all down and flow naturally. Again, focus on the eyes follow by a tinge of nude lip gloss. Same person but totally different feel isnt it? I know, Im nodding my head too. Make up is one of the greatest inventions on earth!!!!! But most importantly, if you’re blessed with good looks but don’t take care of it, do not shed a tear when it leaves you quietly one day…start today!

“There is no ugly ladies on earth, just super lazy ones”, don’t you agree?

Profile 3) X.Ning

Back Ground: Used to have very bad outbreak around the cheeks area esp, uneven skin tone. High Forehead, combination skin type (both oily & dry). Natural Curls (hair). But blessed with lovely features esp. on the eyes & lips.

tips: Everyone will bound to have their ‘best looking’ feature. As make up artiste, we got to discover that part & enhance it. We ourselves have to admire our model’s feature & from there, make the best out of it. The art of make up is afterall to enhance our strengths & to cover up our flaws. For X ning case, in my eyes, her strength is her eyes & brows like Jolene’s which require little management skills once again. Choose the correct type of fake lashes was easy for her. Most Importantly, her brows were shaped to an ultimate beauty. A choice of white eye shadow not only stand out from her skin tone but also lifted her eyes amazingly.

Style: We don’t aim to create something overly-fake/ Go the Natural way. Fake eye lashes will not look too fake if right type of foundation, eyeliner, blusher are all in place.

Profile 4) kELLY

Background: Broad facial structure. Prone to pimples, occasional clogged pores problems, dark eye circles, fine lines around eye areas, superb  ‘problematic’ eyebrows that require high level of management, drawing & shaping skills. For those who also faces the same ‘eyebrow woes’, you’ll understand 100% what i meant by the above ” superb problematic’ eyebrows. But she is born with pretty doll – looking eyes. I realised that these 4 young ladies are all blessed with beautiful eyes and not too harsh features. With make up, it’ll only do more good than bad.  Which is why in this make over, main focus is all on their eyes & brows.

tips: Guasha Facial massage is almost a MUST for her case to ‘shift’ every possible inch upwards to add in more volume to the cheeks area. Kelly has also been diligently taking care of her eyes. As compared to 6 – 8months ago, her dark eye circles have indeed improved tremendously. Gone are the days are heavy puffy & dark circle problems. With better skin condition currently, make up becomes less hassle & worrying as long as she cleanses, tone, eye care via eyecreme/eye masque (regularly), pore refinishing & moisturises twice daily at least.

ps: with envious eyes like hers, this time round, we did without eyeliner. yES that’s right, if you look closely, no eye liner at all. Main idea is to display a natural look here.

just a gentle note: the above pics did not undergo any form of photoshop. By looking at the uneven lighting in different pics, professionals will be able to tell the difference. Almost everything was purely D.I.Y.  We managed to ‘borrow’ some natural light from the sun & from the room light. We actually pasted mahjong papers as white background if you look closer. & the camera we used is even more ‘powerful’! just a normal digi cam. So if you’re applauding in amazement, thank you very much. & the reason in me letting out these little behind-the-scenes secrets is to let everyone know that nothing is impossible. As long as we put our heart & soul to something, even with limitations, we’ll still be able to produce great works!

Cheers to all hardworking ladies out there who take the effort everyday to look good as a form of respect to both themselves & to the people around them! Cheers~!!

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  1. Wendy
    May 31, 2010 at 7:54 am

    Hi may I know how much is ur charges for the makeup class and makeover? And how long in advance must I book?

    • May 31, 2010 at 3:56 pm

      hi wendy thanks for the post. our make over is $30 (for students, present student pass for verification) / $50 (adults & above)
      however due to overwhelming response, come july, there’ll be a slight moderation in charges.
      would u mind drop me your contact number to my email kin_may@yahoo.com.sg?
      will contact you regarding make up class details. cheers!

  2. December 5, 2010 at 1:01 am


    Thanks for writing this blog, loved reading it

    • December 7, 2010 at 6:38 am


      thank you for your feedback 🙂 am surprised to receive comments from a motorcycle fan.

  3. Natural faceLift
    February 26, 2011 at 12:52 pm

    Nothiing is better than Natural face lift

  4. Tiffany
    December 7, 2011 at 11:10 am

    “No such thing as ugly girls; just superbly lazy ones”

    That’s such a horrible thing to say. Every girl is ugly if they don’t wear make up? Believe it or not, some people have acne/skin problems that won’t go away.

    • December 9, 2011 at 5:21 am

      Hi Tiffany, am afraid the above sentence is quite harsh but so true to a certain extent. I totally understand it’s not abou not caring about our looks but situations don’t allow us to. how on earth are we going to put foundations and powder when pimples just keep oozing out yellowish / whitish stuff?? **frustrated!! ** yup, huifen (one of the models) will put a million thumbs up!! Coz hers is the same thing. Fortunately, she made 1000% extra mile the effort to work even harder on her skin. and now it’s amazing!! so there you go, te above mantra applies to basically anything in life as well. Thank u for ur thoughts!! It has just sparked my next idea for my next post. Cheers!!!

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