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”There’s no ugly ladies , just lazy ones ” part II

Many thanks to my good friend brandon (aka choon hong ) who has graciously helped me enhanced these prettier photos. Gone are those mahjong paper lines & uneven lightings. Cheers!!

And behind the scenes will be all revealed. Imagine if the location were to be in a studio, everything would be perfect for a magazine shoot!

Before the shoot, we gotta fill our stomachs first , that’s rule no.1!

Let’s get started!!

ps: hui Fen trims brows really well!!

I’ve learnt that make overs are not a one-man-show. Yes it can be, but it’ll be super tiring so I chose to delegate & teach. Its like SARS. It all started with 1 pax then spread to the rest. An unforgettable activity will always require team work & everyone’s participation. Once basics are taught, girls go hands-on and try on themselves. Only by doing this, will they be able to make themselves pretty on any other days.

Finally, Viola~!! The results:

Shall organise the next round soon!!!

Conclusion: The best policy is to teach a person how to catch fish to survive, not to feed him fish everytime~

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