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may 21 – 23 @ Esplanade event

May 21 – 23 was amazing as i participated in part of the backstage crew for Sandsation performance at Esplanade.

(videos are uploaded in http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=10150198156000331&ref=mf)

It was a wonderful event at the outdoor bay, facing the beautiful coast of Singapore & open skies. the make up was successful & most importantly we enjoyed the process. i think the best element in making a project successful is to enjoy what we do and not treat it a j.o.b. When this happens, we are no longer slave to S-11 (aka $) but more of time owner who has the freedom to choose what to do with the available hours. Best part is, the effect will turn out to more than just a distinction. I would say, high high distinction. πŸ™‚

What I observed is the amazing huge hours that these set up crew put in before -during- after a show. Say, if the show begins at 7.30pm, set up has to be done prior 4 – 5 hours before that, sound check, system check, positions check etc. Kudos to these crew people.

Tips to stage performance – make up: Esp for outdoor shows, putting a good masque is very very important as it stays put make up very well, helps reduce foundation being patchy & excess facial oil. (plus in a humid weather like singapore, feeling sticky is something we cannot avoid) When skin is well moisturised, fine lines will be reduced as well. Usually for stage performance, (similar to photo shoots), foundations are in layers!! and i really do mean layers!!! Imagine , we cleanse, tone —-> here comes: eyecream, pore refinisher, moisturiser,(* sunblock) , liquid foundation & concealer, compact powder , pressed powder & sometimes loose powder then blusher. Lots of stuff isn’t it? But without solid foundation, audience from the floor or shoots from camera will not be as lovely. & Cons to it will be , higher chance to clogged pores . Goodness! Therefore, one must not be lazy esp in the make-up removing stage. Have to invest both time & money on products to rejuvenate skin just like taking bird nest after a long day of work to repair the body.

ps : if main focus is on the beautiful costume, reduce on overwhelming accessories,Hair, belts, shoes etc unless you’re looking very much into lady gaga’s style, kindly ignore previous comment). Like wise, if focus is on the eyes , go easy on the blusher & lips. Go easy on eyes if focus is on lips like scarlett johansson. Key is : BALANCE

And what if we go strong on everything? You;ll certainly be the centre of attention & if that is your objective, congrats!! You’ll probably achieve it easily. πŸ˜‰ Seen the character who played ‘Ah Niu’s younger sister ‘ in the movie Puppy Love Ice Kachang? Noticed Ping Guan and Ah Niu’s expression when they saw her ‘go strong on everything’ concept? WoohoO!!

There is also the ‘nude’ make up concept which will never go out of trend. The concept is just opposite: Go Easy on everything. I am a huge fan to this concept! Very soothing to eyes, makes us look clear, fresh and radiant!! One word: Healthy-looking! A little cherry-looking, rosy blusher and lip gloss will give a perfect touch! Viola~

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