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Month of May – eventful one

JUNE highlights: Featuring Brows & Guys & Make over Part II

Whenever I played Harvest Moon game or the SIMS, i’ll always fast-forward the speed to make every minute pass to get end results faster. If you’re a huge fan to games like these, you’ll understand what i mean. I wanna the SIM to grow quickly, gain a skill quickly, fall in love quickly, get a promotion quickly etc. One thing i will usually do slowly: & that is to take my time to build my dreamm home for every SIM. Guess we’re all too used to the fast paced lifestyle since the day we’re born but when it comes to our dream, we will still allow a little more time for it.

Here as I type this article, I’m recapping what went on for this past month. fEW significant stuff:

*Through a friend of mine, introduced me a wonderful sandpainter artiste who does beautiful artworks yet so humble & down to earth in real life. *thank you carol 😉

*Remember my previous article on a few cases of prospects who had series of health warnings & saw improvements after following a regime? Went to follow up with one of them earlier this month, a businessman in mid 50s, & Im so happy to say: he is still taking the supplements & a better change of attitude towards his health. Good! & his sister’s poor bowel movement problem for many many many years have finally been solved and steadily improving. Good Good!

When a good habit kicks in, we thank god! When a bad one comes in, what do we do? We Pray!

* Did brow jobs for a few male models. Successful!! You didnt hear wrong, LOL. Its really good to look like david beckham isnt it? Well Groomed, clean & neat. Good looking. Loving your own brows is nothing to be shy of for guys, & for some who have been very much tempted to have theirs done, look out out for my JUNE highlights!! Featuring Brows & Guys & Make over Part II (this time round, Am gonna take the challenge for middle age catergories, yeap, middle age group (late 30s to 50s) ladies’ one of the greatest challenge will be their dehydrated skin— making foundation a challenging task. : e.g. how do we convince them to avoid red dang dang lipsticks & use nude ones instead? They’ll feedback: i look sick!! so pale! Applying a lip gloss is easy but to make these ladies apply is one huge task. (of course there’ll be a few modern ones) If they can’t accept the new age lipgloss, what about Smoky Eyes? I bet they’ll screammmmm!!!! & i’m gonna do the impossible in June.  Stay Tuned for updates!

* Celebrated my birthday with lovely friends and received greetings including friends from countries like taiwan, malaysia, china, thailand, australia etc. Made me realise so many of my friends have either shifted overseas to study or new friendships have actually bloomed for the past few years eversince i began what i am doing now for it helps opens doors to many. network is really fun and important to a certain extent regardless any occupation.

*one sad news though: i failed my driving test!! first time though but…..but…. , thought i could have failed with ‘lower points’ instead of a high 36! Yup, you’re not reading it wrong, 36!! Goodness me right?

1.Hit curb not once but twice! (20 pts gone)

2.Didnt manage to check blind spots and back while reversing(6 pts gone).

3.Failed to stop at white line, which led to immediate failure!

4.Failed to change to correct lanes (this is one of my major problem!! )

I expected myself to be quite cool with the failure when the tester followed up with me. (ps: the tester was a very nice person, according to my instructor, he is well known to be very nice in ubi) But to my surprise, the failure actually took a toll on me. It occupied my mind the entire day!! plus didnt manage to sleep the night before coz i was so nervous.(the last time i felt like this was when i was 15, eagerly awaiting for the arrival of my superstars, can’t wait to be at the airport any moment)

Perhaps, my brain was sending off negatives waves, surprisingly, 2 appts for that day automatically got cancelled as both prospects had last min crops up. perhaps they could ‘sense’ me. & lucky i stayed indoor coz i really could not focus. The driving scenario kept replaying & the worst thing is I could not control my brain to stop thinking. but I was back on track the next day. Gave myself only 1 day of rest to nurse the failure.

But if you were to ask me: given a choice, will I be happier if I pass? The answer will be a huge NO NO! Coz i’ll be a threat to anyone & to myself as well. unless i’m ready, will then I accept the ‘pass’ happily. Everything happens for a GOOD reason! so thank goodness i failed this time round, next round will be better. To peeps out there who failed like me: don’t hate the tester, they’re saving lives. When we’re ready, they’ll sense it & thats when they give the green light. yes, re-taking each test is expensive, but what is $150 verse a life?

my buddy shared with me his first failure was when he failed to stop to give way to pedestrian. To him, the pedestrian was on the phone & body language showed that he will not be not crossing the zebra lines, thus my buddy moved his car slowly. As the car moves ahead of the road, tester looked at rear mirror and saw the pedestrian crossing. That was when he said to my friend: you should give way to pedestrian. Perhaps tester’s point of view, no matter what, safety comes first or maybe… From a 3rd part point of view, if u were to ask me: arrows at pedestrian pls!! To us future pedestrian, pls do not chat on the phone 1) near zebra corssings 2) esp not in front of a L plate car, moreover one that is being tested. Poor fellow might have to pay another  hundred to retest just to compensate to your ignorant talking-on-the-phone habit. 😉

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