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Comes June 2010

One of the greatest joy that keeps us make-up artistes, or would i say, Face Stylists, On-going is lovely feedbacks and reviews from customers. But usually it’s those negative ones that make us a better man tomorrow!!!! Bring it on man Mr. Negatives! 😉

Arrival of June will mark a super busy month for me!

*Upcoming make overs, preparation for make up classes, lots of research & materials to be done, servicing of existing new & regular customers. (& why it this necessary? Becoz I don’t network for the sake of network. We don’t meet people for lunches for the sake of 100% business. Maybe it’ll be more effective this way but things will be like robot. How about we balance to 70% business, 30% of relaxation? Building of long term relationships can be so much more in return than just a short one. In my eyes, its a blessing to receive great customer service. but its double the joy to be able to provide that form of service to others.

**Oversea Self-improvement seminars for my brain are already planned, some pending. (who say make up artistes do not need upgrading courses too? But frankly speaking, most of my friends would agree indeed it is seldom heard of. Yes, people in my profession do read up for reference etc, but to have arty-farty people like make up stylists, hair stylists, or even nails stylists to attend strict / solemn business seminars by anthony, adam khoo etc, goodness, have you ever heard of it as a common affair? You’ve found one here though. To me, these seminars are BRAIN TONICS & BATTERY CHARGING time. Even the best handphone needs to be constantly charged. Its the same logic.

***Self objective: master photoshops & more make overs!! Now I know why do photoshop experts get paid a bomb!! The work they do is crazily heavy!! They really do need protein to repair worn out tissues, bilberry for poor little eyes & B complex to calm their nerves down in case system hangs without having saved their work  which spent hours of doing it. I really appreciate and learnt the beauty of DELEGATION & DUPLICATION!! ) Its something every business people ought to know. lol!! Woooooo & so far there is one role model whom i look up upon to: bobbi brown! Make up artiste cum successful business entrepreneur who manages both career and family soooo wellllll!!

Give thanks whenever you’re able to smell your love ones by your side 🙂

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