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Brows & Guys III

June 28, 2010 Leave a comment

woohoo~~ there goes june and comes it just me or is the world moving @ an extremely fast speed? Straits Time famous columnist Sumiko is getting married to her high school sweet heart at 46 & bids goodbye to single-hood; world cup fever, with latest updates: NED vs SVK 2-1; One of worst Oil Spills ever, polluting hUGE AREAS of the ocean, killing thousands of living creatures (have you seen the pics showing birds covered with oil & trapped in the water which slowly took their lives? ) and critics creating huge speculation and ‘heart attacks’ over lady gaga’s ‘unique’ dress style at the baseball game…etc

Same here, it seems just like yesterday when I posted about the upcoming articles on Brows & Guys, and here I am, doing a final piece!!

Have finally found an uncle in his 50s to be my model for brows shaping and this uncle is non other than my dad, Mr Leng. Thank you Mr Leng! LOL

Actually, to be honest, he is one of the vainest uncles you can find in Singapore. Every night without fail, he will apply his darling toner which he keeps safely in the fridge. Yes, instead of putting eggs, he has his toner there. lol!! Sometimes, he will ask me for facial too. Haha! Before work, he will again without fail, makes sure that his hair good, smell good and look good. His hair spray is always placed near his hair dryer. Haha yes once again, my dad uses the hair dryer before he leaves for work, spray the hair spray and then a little perfume. (ps: he loves this fragrance from baby versace). This is Mr Leng. New-age uncle. As his daughter, I feel proud and happy too that at least he cares for himself and respect his work by doing this daily regime; which is probably why whenever I notice floppy guys, I tend to be extremely puzzled by their mindset of being floppy.

If a 50 year old uncle takes pride in his grooming, why can 20 year old guys do so? Intriguing isn’t it?

Here’s a quick look at the process:


In the process:

little use of ‘tweezing’ technique coz Mr Leng was ‘OUCHING!!’ loudly and he said: ” How can you pluck?!! very bad for nerves YOU KNOW!! Later affect eyesight!! ” So to reduce this tension, i switched to ‘shaving’ and ‘trimming’. He became happy and could even chat on his mobile. LOL

AFTER” (only left eye done)

Total time taken: around 15 mins.

Cheers to all uncles out there who take pride in their grooming!!

ps: Mr Leng’s superior is one trendy uncle too. Also in his 50s, the last time I saw him, he was in this hip pony tail, wears good brands (in a smart way, not overly exaggerated type) and good shoes!!

Now I understand why birds of a feather flock together!! (in a positive way i mean) 😉

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Brows & Guy part II

June 22, 2010 Leave a comment

Ever wondered if actors , singers or male comedians had their brows trimmed too? Well…if you looked closely, most of them do & the results are? Charming!! Good Looking!! Many going GAGA over them. Together with their pore-less & tofu looking skin, as girls, we can be really really jealous sometimes!!

Eversince the release of brows & Guys I, i’ve gotten very lovely feedbacks. Thank you to all! One of friends was like: Wow!! You did eyebrows make over too? Its amazing!!

Well, in a way yes. Its the first time I hear this term as eyebrow make over but I like it! 😉

Brows may not be everything but it is certainly something. Here are some examples whom I find to have really charming brows. (be it trimmed or not. but for guys who have thick messy brows and would love to look like these examples, I’m afraid to say a visit to the Brows Doctor is a must! ) Noticed how chiseled they’ve become?…that’s the magic.

ps: am unable to find really close up shot of these stars on their brows, but these pics give v good examples of brows IF they are trimmed.


I can survive without eye liner, eye shadow or blusher, but eyebrow grooming (& drawing if needed) is absolutely important. If i were to rank the items personally , there you go:

1st. Good skincare products (basic cleanser , toner, moisturiser, eyecreme, sunblock & occasional indulgence of intensive repair serum to revive tired looking skin. Oh, and my dear scrub & pore cleansing masque!! Not forgetting a really good make up remover + lip/eye remover (oily enough to remove strong mascara yet not cause oil seeds or irritate my eyes) Seems like a whole jungle of skincare needed right? But trust me, you’ll thank me when you have them all and used diligently! 20 years down the road, you’ll definitely look better than your peeps who don’t do it. i’ve witnessed too many cases.

One of them is a lady in her 60s but look only like early 50s because she cares & one who looks like she’s in her late 50s when she is only early 40s because she don’t care.

2. Eye brow pencil ( please not get me the one that can ONLY BE sharpened back @ the shop which sells them. Previously (during my ignorant times ) i bought one that needs professional staff to help shape whenever there’s a need to. Goodness!! Initially I really had the will power to have it transported then. But soon, I was tired and found it sooo troublesome!  They have really very good products but its the eyebrow pencil that really annoyed me. lol!

3. Good quality of foundation (liquid, compact, loose & pressed) Reason to have a set of these fantastic 4 is that we always attend different events, meet different people and for different purpose. Difficult to have one type of foundation for everything. Which is why we have ‘light coverage’ for day look & ‘thicker’ ones for night look / photoshoot etc.

4. Eyeliner (love the waterproof liquid one , next will be crayon type.) its always wise to have a black and brown eyeliner standby.

5. eyeshadow & blusher

6. mascara

Therefore, Welcome to the new era of brows 😉

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Brows & Guys part I

June 13, 2010 Leave a comment

Finally after a long wait, its here. Wanna know how guys feel about their brows before & after groom?

Brows grooming nowadays no longer just stick strictly to ladies but for new age guys too! After a series of make overs last few months of hot mamas & pretty girls, its now guys’ turn. Here, presenting to you 4 new age guys who have bravely taken up the challenge to have their brows trimmed! Though its not their virgin time to have their brows trimmed (except for 2), each time is always as exciting as ever for them; perhaps its once in a blue moon kinda of stuff for them. Let’s hear what they had got to say :

Profile 1:

Alvyn Chai, early 20s. theatre & arts industry. 2 nd time had his brows trimmed.

He Says:

Eyebrow trimming for men,

Being a 21st century urbanite, the idea of eyebrow trimming for men is not new to me. However, to find the right outlet for eyebrow trimming is a huge problem, you don’t want the hair salon to mess up your hair, morever, your eyebrows that took you years to grow “this” long. May is a close friend of mine and on our first vacation together, she offered to trim my eyebrows for me, out of boredom mostly. But with the adventurous spirit to try new things, mostly because we are in a foreign land, I thought, why not? It was a slightly painful ordeal, do expect to twitch in pain because beauty comes with a price, right ladies? My wonderful friend did a great job and it definitely made my brows look more define and in shape, overall, I look so much neater. Getting your brows done don’t make you a sissy, or feminine anymore, it is an attitude of you wanting to upkeep you appearance and to be presentable at all time, that’s how we wanna market ourselves for success don’t we. We’re not living in the stone-age anymore, uni-brows are for cavemen and primeapes only! Many beauty outlets offer eye-brow trimming services, but I’d rather put the fate of my brows into the hands of someone I can fully trust. My advice for men who wanna go out and try their first eye-brow trimming? Do it somewhere you’re comfortable with, staff who would communicate and understand your desired outcome. You shouldn’t feel tense or pressured at any point. Ask your girl-friends around, they have the experience and could give great advice, so having May as my best buddy, is the edge I have 😉

Alvyn chai. (Before & After)

K.May says: Alvyn has naturally lovely brows to begin with. Many will be envious of it. With little effort, all I did was to pluck the ‘extra bushy hair’ and shaved a little to define the look. At the end of the day, clean & clear! Ready for ad! lol

Profile 2:

Teck Heng . early 20s. student at NUS.

He Says:

1) Grooming brows and guys

I think grooming brows for guys is really important because it is one of the few things they can do to emphasize their eyes without resorting to cosmetics. It can have a really subtle effect without really “threatening” their masculinity. And it’s not just for guys with unibrows or bushy brows; I find that alot of Asian guys have kind of sparse eyebrows (like myself) and after grooming, it can actually look more defined! You’d be surprised.

2) How do I feel after grooming my brows?

It took me a short while (a day?) to get used to having very groomed brows, but I think it looks great. It makes me look more awake; I’ve had alot of positive feedback from friends. I was very conscious that I have “dead fish eyes” and look pissed or tired all the time…I think my new brows help remedy that issue a little.

3) What made me decide to get them trimmed?

Well it makes me feel better about myself and gives me that extra boost of confidence when I perform on stage (I sing). I think guys should not be afraid to trim their brows…I have alot of male friends who are very curious and want to try it out but are afraid of the social stigma that is attached to it. So girls, bring your boyfriends out and give them the first push! But bring them to Kin May or someone reputable…if not they may NEVER listen to your suggestions again.


K.May: Teck has short and droopy eyebrows. To give him a fresher look, unfortunately the end has to be trimmed to a certain extent. With past experiences on stage & performance exposure, teck does a little shading on his own to make his brows more define looking.

& there u go: a fresher looking teck with almost an instant facelift effect 😉

Profile 3:

Kai,early 20s, financial consultant. first time brows job.

K.May says: Kai has fine & sparse brows to begin with, plus he’s an old friend of mine, as my experience taught me: When you’re servicing your buddies or relatives, the job is always double the effort. My sis once adviced me: Never help or get involved extensively in your closed ones’ wedding, if things get screwed, so does relationship. Perhaps some begged to differ, but to a certain extent, I do agree with her. I wouldnt want to ruin my best friend’s wedding and get remembered for it for life man. But i’ll stand by in case of emergencies. Think that’s the best i can do.  Initially kai was hesitant, but after a few persuasions, he was like: okok, let’s do it man! Thanks kai 😉 & the next day, his colleagues did notice a difference.



ps: apologies for the blur shots.

Profile 4:


Yong Sheng; early teens (turning 13) secondary school student (first time)

Before: (close up shot)


K.May says:

Of the 4, yong sheng has the least drastic change if you’ve noticed. I’ve just given him a neater look. Given a choice i’ll definitely give it a little more trim , however i wouldn’t want a poor little boy to fuss over his brows more than his studies. LOL! But through him, it dawned to me that GUYS NOWADAYS DO TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES afterall!! (Regardless of age really)

Hope this article helps inspire some guys out there who are dying to experiment with brows grooming but somehow lack the courage to do so. cheers!

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Watch what they do & not what they say

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“When it comes to men who are romantically interested in you, it’s really simple. just ignore everything they say and pay attention to what they do…”

One of the many meaningful advices from Dr Randy to us ladies and to a few remaining good men out there as well.

Dr Randy was the author to the book I’m currently on, The Last Lecture. (a meaningful gift; a little book as it seems yet empowered with huge intensity of strength to live through the eyes of a dying man)

Question: What will you do if you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness & that you’ll be gone in the next 3 to  6 months?

(The Last Lecture)Written by Dr Randy Pausch; a husband to a beautiful smart wife & father to 3 young little ones who had little memories of their father when he left them. He wanted to give one last lecture to his students. So he asked himself: ” In what way was he able to inspire his students in this very last lecture in the limited timeslot given?” He thought hard. Even his wife could not understand him. ” You should be spending your remaining time with your family, not work again.”

“If you want your kids to remember you, there is always the video camera & tapes…” Fortunately, his wife finally gave in & probably understood eventually what her husband really wanted. What he really wanted was to leave a legacy for his children, something amazing so much so his kids will ‘know who their dad really was’. (A great person who inspires others despite his condition)

For a man who knew that he had only months to live, most people (including me myself), will probably find it hard to deal with the harsh reality, let alone, to continue to contribute to mankind. He had inspired many. He certainly taught us one thing: No matter how bad things may seem, as long as we see it from positive side, anything worst may just be one of the best!”

ACHIEVING YOUR CHILDHOOD DREAMS was the content he shared in his last lecture. He wanted to show us that nothing is impossible and to all parents out there: never burn the dreams of your child.

Through him, I see quality instead of quantity.

Imagine the moment we knew we had been diagnosed with a terminal diseases which is uncurable, it is almost like counting down to the ‘final moment’. Instead of living each day in sorrow, Dr Randy somehow had this amazing strength to live his final days to his fullest.

He was proud of his father, now he too had followed his dad’s footstep for his kids will one day discover that their dad was a great man too , just like grandpa.’

more info :

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Girl-nx-door to pretty confident ladies

June 5, 2010 Leave a comment

Another amazing transformation:

Profile: Hui yi,

For hui yi’s case, the eyes & eyebrow are the main challenges. For girls with ‘non-bushy’ eyebrow, having it drawn at all times is almost as necessary as bushing your teeth daily. hui yi’s single eyelid may seem challenging too to have eye liner drawn, let alone smoky eyes. Many asked me: will the smoky effect make her eyes even smaller?? Well, the answer is : well, i dont think so…after having done quite a few cases, all the more, smoky eyes work wonders for girls with tiny lovely eyes be it single or double eyelid. In fact, its like french nails; suits anyone. (if you have short lashes, please do not save on fake lashes) plus, if your skin is fair, grey,blue and red are all your best friend. Notice how well these colours stand out in her pics above?

Profile 2: Chen Yang

Here’s her feedback personally: (its totally like a cinderella story coming true~~)


time: 2pm – 4pm: During the makeover session

Everyone on set were so amazed by my HUGE transformation!! “OMG Chen Yang!! You look soooo different!!! …Ahhhhh!!!! ** have you ever seen girls going gaga after seeing their fav Lee Hom walk past them? apparently,  i was the ‘lee hom’ that afternoon” BUT despite the huge whoo-haaa, I was still skeptical about it as never before I looked like this. Then kin may suggested, why not wear this look to your class gathering? test test reaction…

4pm – 7pm:

1st sign : While on the bus, I noticed that many passengers were stealing glances at me. you see, i was seated right next to the card machine , near the exit. & it was so obvious that each time a passenger taps the card, his/her eyes looked at me. Soooo embarrassing!!! I became more worried and self-conscious. I kept wondering whether I looked funny or beautiful?

2nd Sign: When I reached Clark Quay Mrt, there was this one guy who actually smiled at me!!!! OMG!!! It was then I know that I had indeed transformed to another “person”. This was because, no guys have ogled and smiled at me before!

3rd sign: When I finally saw my friends at the other side of the station, I knew it was my chance to see how much had I really changed. I deliberately walked past them slowly while keeping an eye on them. I was stunned when I saw two of my friends actually looked up, saw me and then ignored me like a total stranger. faints**I was wondering whether I had changed that much since I had not met them for months. I decided to seek the attention of one of my friends whom I had met the week before. To my surprise, after we stared at each other for a long time, even she could not recognise me either!!!! This make over session was really worth so much more than the couple of bucks paid. Finally, I could not stand it. I walked up to them and told them that I am Chen Yang, OMG, you should see the expressions on their faces. They were so shocked that they flooded me with endless questions on my makeover. Needless to say, I received lots of compliments about the makeover.

time: night

Climax: When I reached home. I wanted to see if my family could recognise me since my friends could not. So, instead of using my own keys to open the door, I decided to press the bell. I knew someone was peeping through the door but yet no one answered. I waited for a long time before I was convinced that my family could not recognise me either. LOL!!   I had to shout for my mother. “Its me lah…chen yang. ”

My entire family was stunned. My sisters said: “Actually mum peeped through the hole earlier but thought that you were a sales girl, so she told us to ignore you. hahaha” & ” for a moment, I thought you even went for plastic surgery man!”

The end: When I posted my “new look” photos on Facebook the next day, my inbox were flooded with comments^^

Thank you so much for everything 😉


Well, what can i say? It’s really priceless to see transformation like this. I was so excited as I listened to chen yang’s story on the phone, so much so that I think i laughed the loudest at TCC. That made my afternoon. I really hope to send this msg across:

If you’re blessed with what you have, don’t waste it. Enhance it. If you don’t know the way, find it.

In the past, I used to ‘nag’ at my clients who do not take the least effort to doll a little (e.g a little lipstick or trimming of brows or a little blush). Their ans will always be: ‘Aiya, natural is beauty mah..” or ” time leh…so busy already & always wake up late for work already, why got time to make up some more..” Pls ladies: wake up!! if you’re married to a normal man, all the more you gotta wake up faster from your weird mindset! If you don’t like gaga style, go Bobbi style, light and natural.

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May 29th make over Part I

June 1, 2010 Leave a comment

This date will always be remembered by 4 ladies who had amazing make over done on this very day.

Amazing team behind: Kelly, Hui Fen & Jolene

Overall : Kin May

It always feels good to see new found confidence in these ladies whenever we do make over.


Is it simply plucking of brows or putting on thick foundation & then photoshoot? ABSOLUTELY noooooo…..

To me, the objective of make over is to see another brand new perspective of you! A side you’ve NEVER thought you can be & most importantly, it is the experience of feeling of confident that you might never have had before.

This confidence makes you happy, fully (battery) charged & rest of the day will be fantastic coz you’ll be in good mood!

To most of the models who had make over, I’ll always ask them this question the next few days when I followed up with them:

Are you on the way to become the beautiful lady in the picture or have you reverted back to your old self??

Pls do not get me wrong, I’m not encouraging the spirit of superficial look or being-shallow-is-good-kind-of-culture. What I meant is, do you love & respect yourself more? By taking care of appearance, or simple action like not being sloppy mindset is already a form of self respect. When we respect ourselves, others will follow suit.  LOOKS DO MATTER to a certain extend afterall. Be it in courtship or finding a job. E.g. Will you hire a sloppy guy with uncombed hair, torn jeans & slippers or a well-groomed smart looking guy who smells just as nice as Tom Ford? Same logic.

Therefore, presenting to everyone: Viola~~~!!

Aunties to Hot Mama!!

Thai chinese Mei Lee has very beautiful features to begin with. All we did was to focus on her eyes & hair. Initially, I was sooooo troubled by her hair colour!! I was like, OMG!! What make up look could I give her? Smoky? hmmm…. Why? Because of her hair colour! It is sooo sooo difficult to find matching clothes too. phew! Sweat!  Thanks to sunburst, bone & starry night eyeshadow (& the power of fake lashes & eye liner), her eyes were immediately transformed and blended exactly with her hair colour. Surprisingly, everything fits into the picture gradually. Isnt she sweet? Most importantly, she has a cheery and playful personality. Easy time while shooting with her. Most pictures were good-take.

And her tattoo was another headache at first. I was thinking how on earth do i mix demure.sweet with rocker tattoo style? This makeover is challenging man… … Then I was like: What the heck, just follow the flow.  Since i can’t avoid the fact that tattoo is here, might as well make do with it. Got inspired by rocker look for her. Just need an electric guitar with some poses and it ‘ll be fantastic!! & the end result is?? Doesnt she resemble a taiwan singer? Same style, similar features too! Yeappppp, think her name is shino! Goodness!! Think her son winson will be like: OMG Mummy!! … … speechless!! ” i’ve a cool mama man!”

Mei Lee example taught me:

No matter how bad things may look , for all you know, its actually the best as long as we see from another point of view and follow the flow…

Most OL (Office lady) will have this problem: (esp when they hit their 30s onwards) how do we conceal eye bags, eye circls & prevent foundation from cracking at the end of day thanks to the super-freezing dry air in office? TIP: Very good day & lifting eye cream follow by very good night cream for recovery. kEY is moisturise & be good friends with skyjuice. (aka water) Only when skin is not dry, will then foundation not crack. Oh, and blusher is really important. Gives that rosy feeling. More radiance.

My previous article mentioned that I’ll be taking up the challenge to have aunties try smoky eyes without them feeling they looked punched and nude lip gloss without feeling looking like a sick person. My team & I made it!!

To all aunties out there: Look, smoky eyes and nude lip gloss really works , just give it a try, you’ll look 20 years younger 😉

Asked my dad to guess her age: he said 25. When look at the before, he immediately added 20 years , LOL ! I was like: Mr Leng, you’re so bad…haha…Be it boys or men, they are always as straight forward as an arrow.

Once again: Make up really does wonders … 😉

upcoming: Girl -next-door to beautiful young ladies

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