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May 29th make over Part I

This date will always be remembered by 4 ladies who had amazing make over done on this very day.

Amazing team behind: Kelly, Hui Fen & Jolene

Overall : Kin May

It always feels good to see new found confidence in these ladies whenever we do make over.


Is it simply plucking of brows or putting on thick foundation & then photoshoot? ABSOLUTELY noooooo…..

To me, the objective of make over is to see another brand new perspective of you! A side you’ve NEVER thought you can be & most importantly, it is the experience of feeling of confident that you might never have had before.

This confidence makes you happy, fully (battery) charged & rest of the day will be fantastic coz you’ll be in good mood!

To most of the models who had make over, I’ll always ask them this question the next few days when I followed up with them:

Are you on the way to become the beautiful lady in the picture or have you reverted back to your old self??

Pls do not get me wrong, I’m not encouraging the spirit of superficial look or being-shallow-is-good-kind-of-culture. What I meant is, do you love & respect yourself more? By taking care of appearance, or simple action like not being sloppy mindset is already a form of self respect. When we respect ourselves, others will follow suit.  LOOKS DO MATTER to a certain extend afterall. Be it in courtship or finding a job. E.g. Will you hire a sloppy guy with uncombed hair, torn jeans & slippers or a well-groomed smart looking guy who smells just as nice as Tom Ford? Same logic.

Therefore, presenting to everyone: Viola~~~!!

Aunties to Hot Mama!!

Thai chinese Mei Lee has very beautiful features to begin with. All we did was to focus on her eyes & hair. Initially, I was sooooo troubled by her hair colour!! I was like, OMG!! What make up look could I give her? Smoky? hmmm…. Why? Because of her hair colour! It is sooo sooo difficult to find matching clothes too. phew! Sweat!  Thanks to sunburst, bone & starry night eyeshadow (& the power of fake lashes & eye liner), her eyes were immediately transformed and blended exactly with her hair colour. Surprisingly, everything fits into the picture gradually. Isnt she sweet? Most importantly, she has a cheery and playful personality. Easy time while shooting with her. Most pictures were good-take.

And her tattoo was another headache at first. I was thinking how on earth do i mix demure.sweet with rocker tattoo style? This makeover is challenging man… … Then I was like: What the heck, just follow the flow.  Since i can’t avoid the fact that tattoo is here, might as well make do with it. Got inspired by rocker look for her. Just need an electric guitar with some poses and it ‘ll be fantastic!! & the end result is?? Doesnt she resemble a taiwan singer? Same style, similar features too! Yeappppp, think her name is shino! Goodness!! Think her son winson will be like: OMG Mummy!! … … speechless!! ” i’ve a cool mama man!”

Mei Lee example taught me:

No matter how bad things may look , for all you know, its actually the best as long as we see from another point of view and follow the flow…

Most OL (Office lady) will have this problem: (esp when they hit their 30s onwards) how do we conceal eye bags, eye circls & prevent foundation from cracking at the end of day thanks to the super-freezing dry air in office? TIP: Very good day & lifting eye cream follow by very good night cream for recovery. kEY is moisturise & be good friends with skyjuice. (aka water) Only when skin is not dry, will then foundation not crack. Oh, and blusher is really important. Gives that rosy feeling. More radiance.

My previous article mentioned that I’ll be taking up the challenge to have aunties try smoky eyes without them feeling they looked punched and nude lip gloss without feeling looking like a sick person. My team & I made it!!

To all aunties out there: Look, smoky eyes and nude lip gloss really works , just give it a try, you’ll look 20 years younger 😉

Asked my dad to guess her age: he said 25. When look at the before, he immediately added 20 years , LOL ! I was like: Mr Leng, you’re so bad…haha…Be it boys or men, they are always as straight forward as an arrow.

Once again: Make up really does wonders … 😉

upcoming: Girl -next-door to beautiful young ladies

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