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Girl-nx-door to pretty confident ladies

Another amazing transformation:

Profile: Hui yi,

For hui yi’s case, the eyes & eyebrow are the main challenges. For girls with ‘non-bushy’ eyebrow, having it drawn at all times is almost as necessary as bushing your teeth daily. hui yi’s single eyelid may seem challenging too to have eye liner drawn, let alone smoky eyes. Many asked me: will the smoky effect make her eyes even smaller?? Well, the answer is : well, i dont think so…after having done quite a few cases, all the more, smoky eyes work wonders for girls with tiny lovely eyes be it single or double eyelid. In fact, its like french nails; suits anyone. (if you have short lashes, please do not save on fake lashes) plus, if your skin is fair, grey,blue and red are all your best friend. Notice how well these colours stand out in her pics above?

Profile 2: Chen Yang

Here’s her feedback personally: (its totally like a cinderella story coming true~~)


time: 2pm – 4pm: During the makeover session

Everyone on set were so amazed by my HUGE transformation!! “OMG Chen Yang!! You look soooo different!!! …Ahhhhh!!!! ** have you ever seen girls going gaga after seeing their fav Lee Hom walk past them? apparently,  i was the ‘lee hom’ that afternoon” BUT despite the huge whoo-haaa, I was still skeptical about it as never before I looked like this. Then kin may suggested, why not wear this look to your class gathering? test test reaction…

4pm – 7pm:

1st sign : While on the bus, I noticed that many passengers were stealing glances at me. you see, i was seated right next to the card machine , near the exit. & it was so obvious that each time a passenger taps the card, his/her eyes looked at me. Soooo embarrassing!!! I became more worried and self-conscious. I kept wondering whether I looked funny or beautiful?

2nd Sign: When I reached Clark Quay Mrt, there was this one guy who actually smiled at me!!!! OMG!!! It was then I know that I had indeed transformed to another “person”. This was because, no guys have ogled and smiled at me before!

3rd sign: When I finally saw my friends at the other side of the station, I knew it was my chance to see how much had I really changed. I deliberately walked past them slowly while keeping an eye on them. I was stunned when I saw two of my friends actually looked up, saw me and then ignored me like a total stranger. faints**I was wondering whether I had changed that much since I had not met them for months. I decided to seek the attention of one of my friends whom I had met the week before. To my surprise, after we stared at each other for a long time, even she could not recognise me either!!!! This make over session was really worth so much more than the couple of bucks paid. Finally, I could not stand it. I walked up to them and told them that I am Chen Yang, OMG, you should see the expressions on their faces. They were so shocked that they flooded me with endless questions on my makeover. Needless to say, I received lots of compliments about the makeover.

time: night

Climax: When I reached home. I wanted to see if my family could recognise me since my friends could not. So, instead of using my own keys to open the door, I decided to press the bell. I knew someone was peeping through the door but yet no one answered. I waited for a long time before I was convinced that my family could not recognise me either. LOL!!   I had to shout for my mother. “Its me lah…chen yang. ”

My entire family was stunned. My sisters said: “Actually mum peeped through the hole earlier but thought that you were a sales girl, so she told us to ignore you. hahaha” & ” for a moment, I thought you even went for plastic surgery man!”

The end: When I posted my “new look” photos on Facebook the next day, my inbox were flooded with comments^^

Thank you so much for everything 😉


Well, what can i say? It’s really priceless to see transformation like this. I was so excited as I listened to chen yang’s story on the phone, so much so that I think i laughed the loudest at TCC. That made my afternoon. I really hope to send this msg across:

If you’re blessed with what you have, don’t waste it. Enhance it. If you don’t know the way, find it.

In the past, I used to ‘nag’ at my clients who do not take the least effort to doll a little (e.g a little lipstick or trimming of brows or a little blush). Their ans will always be: ‘Aiya, natural is beauty mah..” or ” hai..no time leh…so busy already & always wake up late for work already, why got time to make up some more..” Pls ladies: wake up!! if you’re married to a normal man, all the more you gotta wake up faster from your weird mindset! If you don’t like gaga style, go Bobbi style, light and natural.

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