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Watch what they do & not what they say

“When it comes to men who are romantically interested in you, it’s really simple. just ignore everything they say and pay attention to what they do…”

One of the many meaningful advices from Dr Randy to us ladies and to a few remaining good men out there as well.

Dr Randy was the author to the book I’m currently on, The Last Lecture. (a meaningful gift; a little book as it seems yet empowered with huge intensity of strength to live through the eyes of a dying man)

Question: What will you do if you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness & that you’ll be gone in the next 3 to  6 months?

(The Last Lecture)Written by Dr Randy Pausch; a husband to a beautiful smart wife & father to 3 young little ones who had little memories of their father when he left them. He wanted to give one last lecture to his students. So he asked himself: ” In what way was he able to inspire his students in this very last lecture in the limited timeslot given?” He thought hard. Even his wife could not understand him. ” You should be spending your remaining time with your family, not work again.”

“If you want your kids to remember you, there is always the video camera & tapes…” Fortunately, his wife finally gave in & probably understood eventually what her husband really wanted. What he really wanted was to leave a legacy for his children, something amazing so much so his kids will ‘know who their dad really was’. (A great person who inspires others despite his condition)

For a man who knew that he had only months to live, most people (including me myself), will probably find it hard to deal with the harsh reality, let alone, to continue to contribute to mankind. He had inspired many. He certainly taught us one thing: No matter how bad things may seem, as long as we see it from positive side, anything worst may just be one of the best!”

ACHIEVING YOUR CHILDHOOD DREAMS was the content he shared in his last lecture. He wanted to show us that nothing is impossible and to all parents out there: never burn the dreams of your child.

Through him, I see quality instead of quantity.

Imagine the moment we knew we had been diagnosed with a terminal diseases which is uncurable, it is almost like counting down to the ‘final moment’. Instead of living each day in sorrow, Dr Randy somehow had this amazing strength to live his final days to his fullest.

He was proud of his father, now he too had followed his dad’s footstep for his kids will one day discover that their dad was a great man too , just like grandpa.’

more info : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Randy_Pausch

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