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Brows & Guys part I

Finally after a long wait, its here. Wanna know how guys feel about their brows before & after groom?

Brows grooming nowadays no longer just stick strictly to ladies but for new age guys too! After a series of make overs last few months of hot mamas & pretty girls, its now guys’ turn. Here, presenting to you 4 new age guys who have bravely taken up the challenge to have their brows trimmed! Though its not their virgin time to have their brows trimmed (except for 2), each time is always as exciting as ever for them; perhaps its once in a blue moon kinda of stuff for them. Let’s hear what they had got to say :

Profile 1:

Alvyn Chai, early 20s. theatre & arts industry. 2 nd time had his brows trimmed.

He Says:

Eyebrow trimming for men,

Being a 21st century urbanite, the idea of eyebrow trimming for men is not new to me. However, to find the right outlet for eyebrow trimming is a huge problem, you don’t want the hair salon to mess up your hair, morever, your eyebrows that took you years to grow “this” long. May is a close friend of mine and on our first vacation together, she offered to trim my eyebrows for me, out of boredom mostly. But with the adventurous spirit to try new things, mostly because we are in a foreign land, I thought, why not? It was a slightly painful ordeal, do expect to twitch in pain because beauty comes with a price, right ladies? My wonderful friend did a great job and it definitely made my brows look more define and in shape, overall, I look so much neater. Getting your brows done don’t make you a sissy, or feminine anymore, it is an attitude of you wanting to upkeep you appearance and to be presentable at all time, that’s how we wanna market ourselves for success don’t we. We’re not living in the stone-age anymore, uni-brows are for cavemen and primeapes only! Many beauty outlets offer eye-brow trimming services, but I’d rather put the fate of my brows into the hands of someone I can fully trust. My advice for men who wanna go out and try their first eye-brow trimming? Do it somewhere you’re comfortable with, staff who would communicate and understand your desired outcome. You shouldn’t feel tense or pressured at any point. Ask your girl-friends around, they have the experience and could give great advice, so having May as my best buddy, is the edge I have 😉

Alvyn chai. (Before & After)

K.May says: Alvyn has naturally lovely brows to begin with. Many will be envious of it. With little effort, all I did was to pluck the ‘extra bushy hair’ and shaved a little to define the look. At the end of the day, clean & clear! Ready for ad! lol

Profile 2:

Teck Heng . early 20s. student at NUS.

He Says:

1) Grooming brows and guys

I think grooming brows for guys is really important because it is one of the few things they can do to emphasize their eyes without resorting to cosmetics. It can have a really subtle effect without really “threatening” their masculinity. And it’s not just for guys with unibrows or bushy brows; I find that alot of Asian guys have kind of sparse eyebrows (like myself) and after grooming, it can actually look more defined! You’d be surprised.

2) How do I feel after grooming my brows?

It took me a short while (a day?) to get used to having very groomed brows, but I think it looks great. It makes me look more awake; I’ve had alot of positive feedback from friends. I was very conscious that I have “dead fish eyes” and look pissed or tired all the time…I think my new brows help remedy that issue a little.

3) What made me decide to get them trimmed?

Well it makes me feel better about myself and gives me that extra boost of confidence when I perform on stage (I sing). I think guys should not be afraid to trim their brows…I have alot of male friends who are very curious and want to try it out but are afraid of the social stigma that is attached to it. So girls, bring your boyfriends out and give them the first push! But bring them to Kin May or someone reputable…if not they may NEVER listen to your suggestions again.


K.May: Teck has short and droopy eyebrows. To give him a fresher look, unfortunately the end has to be trimmed to a certain extent. With past experiences on stage & performance exposure, teck does a little shading on his own to make his brows more define looking.

& there u go: a fresher looking teck with almost an instant facelift effect 😉

Profile 3:

Kai,early 20s, financial consultant. first time brows job.

K.May says: Kai has fine & sparse brows to begin with, plus he’s an old friend of mine, as my experience taught me: When you’re servicing your buddies or relatives, the job is always double the effort. My sis once adviced me: Never help or get involved extensively in your closed ones’ wedding, if things get screwed, so does relationship. Perhaps some begged to differ, but to a certain extent, I do agree with her. I wouldnt want to ruin my best friend’s wedding and get remembered for it for life man. But i’ll stand by in case of emergencies. Think that’s the best i can do.  Initially kai was hesitant, but after a few persuasions, he was like: okok, let’s do it man! Thanks kai 😉 & the next day, his colleagues did notice a difference.



ps: apologies for the blur shots.

Profile 4:


Yong Sheng; early teens (turning 13) secondary school student (first time)

Before: (close up shot)


K.May says:

Of the 4, yong sheng has the least drastic change if you’ve noticed. I’ve just given him a neater look. Given a choice i’ll definitely give it a little more trim , however i wouldn’t want a poor little boy to fuss over his brows more than his studies. LOL! But through him, it dawned to me that GUYS NOWADAYS DO TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES afterall!! (Regardless of age really)

Hope this article helps inspire some guys out there who are dying to experiment with brows grooming but somehow lack the courage to do so. cheers!

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