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Brows & Guy part II

Ever wondered if actors , singers or male comedians had their brows trimmed too? Well…if you looked closely, most of them do & the results are? Charming!! Good Looking!! Many going GAGA over them. Together with their pore-less & tofu looking skin, as girls, we can be really really jealous sometimes!!

Eversince the release of brows & Guys I, i’ve gotten very lovely feedbacks. Thank you to all! One of friends was like: Wow!! You did eyebrows make over too? Its amazing!!

Well, in a way yes. Its the first time I hear this term as eyebrow make over but I like it! 😉

Brows may not be everything but it is certainly something. Here are some examples whom I find to have really charming brows. (be it trimmed or not. but for guys who have thick messy brows and would love to look like these examples, I’m afraid to say a visit to the Brows Doctor is a must! ) Noticed how chiseled they’ve become?…that’s the magic.

ps: am unable to find really close up shot of these stars on their brows, but these pics give v good examples of brows IF they are trimmed.


I can survive without eye liner, eye shadow or blusher, but eyebrow grooming (& drawing if needed) is absolutely important. If i were to rank the items personally , there you go:

1st. Good skincare products (basic cleanser , toner, moisturiser, eyecreme, sunblock & occasional indulgence of intensive repair serum to revive tired looking skin. Oh, and my dear scrub & pore cleansing masque!! Not forgetting a really good make up remover + lip/eye remover (oily enough to remove strong mascara yet not cause oil seeds or irritate my eyes) Seems like a whole jungle of skincare needed right? But trust me, you’ll thank me when you have them all and used diligently! 20 years down the road, you’ll definitely look better than your peeps who don’t do it. i’ve witnessed too many cases.

One of them is a lady in her 60s but look only like early 50s because she cares & one who looks like she’s in her late 50s when she is only early 40s because she don’t care.

2. Eye brow pencil ( please not get me the one that can ONLY BE sharpened back @ the shop which sells them. Previously (during my ignorant times ) i bought one that needs professional staff to help shape whenever there’s a need to. Goodness!! Initially I really had the will power to have it transported then. But soon, I was tired and found it sooo troublesome!  They have really very good products but its the eyebrow pencil that really annoyed me. lol!

3. Good quality of foundation (liquid, compact, loose & pressed) Reason to have a set of these fantastic 4 is that we always attend different events, meet different people and for different purpose. Difficult to have one type of foundation for everything. Which is why we have ‘light coverage’ for day look & ‘thicker’ ones for night look / photoshoot etc.

4. Eyeliner (love the waterproof liquid one , next will be crayon type.) its always wise to have a black and brown eyeliner standby.

5. eyeshadow & blusher

6. mascara

Therefore, Welcome to the new era of brows 😉

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