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Brows & Guys III

woohoo~~ there goes june and comes july..is it just me or is the world moving @ an extremely fast speed? Straits Time famous columnist Sumiko is getting married to her high school sweet heart at 46 & bids goodbye to single-hood; world cup fever, with latest updates: NED vs SVK 2-1; One of worst Oil Spills ever, polluting hUGE AREAS of the ocean, killing thousands of living creatures (have you seen the pics showing birds covered with oil & trapped in the water which slowly took their lives? ) and critics creating huge speculation and ‘heart attacks’ over lady gaga’s ‘unique’ dress style at the baseball game…etc

Same here, it seems just like yesterday when I posted about the upcoming articles on Brows & Guys, and here I am, doing a final piece!!

Have finally found an uncle in his 50s to be my model for brows shaping and this uncle is non other than my dad, Mr Leng. Thank you Mr Leng! LOL

Actually, to be honest, he is one of the vainest uncles you can find in Singapore. Every night without fail, he will apply his darling toner which he keeps safely in the fridge. Yes, instead of putting eggs, he has his toner there. lol!! Sometimes, he will ask me for facial too. Haha! Before work, he will again without fail, makes sure that his hair good, smell good and look good. His hair spray is always placed near his hair dryer. Haha yes once again, my dad uses the hair dryer before he leaves for work, spray the hair spray and then a little perfume. (ps: he loves this fragrance from baby versace). This is Mr Leng. New-age uncle. As his daughter, I feel proud and happy too that at least he cares for himself and respect his work by doing this daily regime; which is probably why whenever I notice floppy guys, I tend to be extremely puzzled by their mindset of being floppy.

If a 50 year old uncle takes pride in his grooming, why can 20 year old guys do so? Intriguing isn’t it?

Here’s a quick look at the process:


In the process:

little use of ‘tweezing’ technique coz Mr Leng was ‘OUCHING!!’ loudly and he said: ” How can you pluck?!! very bad for nerves YOU KNOW!! Later affect eyesight!! ” So to reduce this tension, i switched to ‘shaving’ and ‘trimming’. He became happy and could even chat on his mobile. LOL

AFTER” (only left eye done)

Total time taken: around 15 mins.

Cheers to all uncles out there who take pride in their grooming!!

ps: Mr Leng’s superior is one trendy uncle too. Also in his 50s, the last time I saw him, he was in this hip pony tail, wears good brands (in a smart way, not overly exaggerated type) and good shoes!!

Now I understand why birds of a feather flock together!! (in a positive way i mean) 😉

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