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Lovely nails experience ^^

profile: Shop @ CKK Lot 1. Should be level 2. Shangri la Nails. Nails consultant: Xiao Xue

(interview with an original nail-consultant has been postponed as she has been ill; but in order to complete my nails article for month of July, i’ve found another reliable manicurist around; here’s the experience:

A picture paints a thousand words…Don’t u agree?? Here are some snap shots which I managed to take during my 1hour 20 mins of classic pedicure. It was AMAZING!!!!! Due to the nature of my work which requires lots of running about and outdoor movement, my poor little legs are ageing at an amazing rate!! Pls pardon some really frank pictures of a pair of hardworking legs. LOL!!! My advice to all possible human beings out there: A good pedicure and manicure once a month is a MUST!!! Some money just cannot be saved, including investments on our limbs!

Before: My pair of hardworking feet, piles of dead skin, crooked nails, blisters, wrinkles…can’t imagine its the feet of a young lady isnt it?

After: Lovely French Nails make my day!! Its definitely worth the pampering! Nail care like giving our nails a good facial.

Began with a good feet soak, the basin of warm water makes me happy ^^ almost immediately

Next: We do the filing of nails, shape them up.

Trimming of ugly cuticles & scraping of dried skin:

Buffering: (it feels kinda ‘shiok’ when u see all those little dirty stuff out, i felt ‘ detoxed’ & ‘cleansed’ at that moment frankly speaking. Or finally free-from- constipation kinda of feeling, LOL!!

Application of Cuticle Oil to moisturise :

Now come the foot Scrubbing!! (other steps included : foot massage)


Those whitish stuff are definitely not dandruff.

LOL!! it all came from my feet/ sole to be exact. Did not feel painful at all, more of TICKLISH!!

Her skills was sooooo gooooooodd to the extent, even my blister became milder.

torn blister (before)

Mended Blister (After)

PS: NO PHOTOSHOP corrections

Polish time ~ Base coat first, followed by nude pink then the white for the french and a final top coat. Additional Quick Dry of $2 can be added to speed up the process

VIOALA!!! Lovely pinky toes, Happy toes make their master happy too!

If u were one of the customers that day sitting next to me having pedi done as well, you’ll definitely be thinking i must crazy to photograph almost every step of the pedi. Haha!! Yes, i must be to do so. But thank goodness, Xiao Xue is one of my regular manicurists whom im really comfortable with (which is why she won a serangoon north regular despite shop is @ CCK), thus I decided to make the bold request of taking pictures. lol!!! Anyway, copyright is mine too.


Nails session to me have always been enjoyable. I just love french nails!!! Goes well with all skin tone and to all events.

Nail sessions (be it mani or Pedi) is like getting a detox done, you’ll feel lighter and definitely happier! Those soaking and scrubbing of feet soles stages are like facials for us, while nail polishing etc is like putting make up.

I has my reservations too when I was about to post these pics, afterall who will want to post pics of their ugly ungroomed pic. But @ the end of the day, it this can help benefit people, all worries are undone for.

Cheers to nails therapy!!

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