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the importance of follow up

September 4, 2010 2 comments

When we are dealing business transactions, a ‘follow up’ is always important.

Take business for example, have u ever had an experience whereby client changes her/his mind on his purchase the next few days when u followed up? Many.  But this usually happens for a main reason:

1) a follow up was probably did only after the ‘golden 48 hours rule”. meaning, we contact client only after say about  4 to 5 days later as a follow up. this is especially risky if client is by nature an impulsive purchaser or during the ‘closing of transaction’ moment itself, client had reluctantly agreed.


1. Very impt to follow up when customer had just bought your product or service. Esp for skincare range or if its her / his first time using.  next  3 days are the golden hours.

Customers are always just a phone call away, dont be afraid to phone and check up on them.

2. Follow up on customers’ negative feedbacks or complaints. This can’t be delayed. Settled it asap. and i do mean asap. Do not avoid their calls neither do u fix a we-shall-meet-next-week date to settle it kind of attitude. Do not pass the responsibility around either. Immediate and ASAP means the same, be quick in action, show customers that u care and a sense of urgency means concern. Of course i do not mean by miss calling them more than 3 times a day. u’ll be surprised that negative customers  are more loyal in long run when we settled their needs than happy go lucky customers.

Bottom line is

if you’re open for business, do not procrastinate and always give a good follow up via 48 to 72 hours golden rule. A problem is never a problem if we face it positively.

Kindly do not keep changing handphone numbers too. Maybe its alright for some occupations but definitely not if u’re doing business. Does Takashimaya always move around to different addresses in singapore – no i dont think so. Its now like an icon in orchard. People remember it easily.

If we understand this little theory, we can literally apply it not just to work but to everyday matters in life. amazing isnt it…

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