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A journey with Sandpainter Erika Chen Huan

October 6, 2010 2 comments


(source taken from the Straits Times)

She has the ability to capture the hearts of many with her pair of hands & sands. If you’ve seen her performances before, you’ll agree with what I’ve said earlier. Featured in numerous newspaper articles, TV Interviews, Overseas Performances as well as many other medias, you may think all these came easy for her. However, behind this humble yet successful young lady, there lies a truly inspiring experience and a witness to a never-say-die-attitude.


Named as one of the top scholars in China; representing Cheng Du, Erika came to pursue her studies in one of the best Universities in Singapore. Even though she secured a high paying job in the financial industry upon graduation, she eventually gave it all up to pursue her passion in Arts.

 I still remembered vividly when she told me how hard she worked to meet different people  in search for an opportunity. She did not mind even if it was a no-pay job as long as it had the necessary exposure. Deep down, she understood that being from a totally different industry, she got to start from the scratch. (Esp if you’re from the finance sector where money never sleeps; it will take HUGE amount of effort to adjust to the uncertainty in income when it comes to the arts industry)

Her prayers were answered and sent her a mentor to guide her the way. Previously her school teacher, now her life-skills mentor. Without him, she said she’ll only be working hard blindly with no directions. Things might not be what they are now.

Sand Art was something she picked up on her own too. Amazing isnt it??? Nothing is impossible as long as you set your heart to it. You’ll naturally find ways to it.

Now, Erika no longer needs to drag her feet to work, faced endless reports or squeeze with the morning MRT crowd anymore. Everyday is a brand new day for her. Even the most simple thing like walking her dog makes her day.  Same old 24 hours but brand new freedom found like a carefree little birdie.

Of course, she’ll have obstacles and problems like any normal human beings too. IN FACT, LOTS OF THEM!!! But when your dreams and positive energy  are larger than your pictures of problems, you’ll be just fine.


Our maiden journey started in May 2010…

A good friend of mine introduced me to Erika who was at that time looking for a make up artiste. When I first met Erika, I had 3 major questions:

1) What exactly is sand art???? I imagined it to be something like those sandcastles we built on beach. LOL!!!

2) If my imagination was true, what kind of make up should I do for her in her upcoming performances? What kind of make up wouldn’t melt under the blazing hot sun?? LOL!!!! silly me…

3) Lastly, who is Erika Chen and why did she give up a high paying job for sandart?? (this fair lady from Sze Chuan looks more like a school teacher or librarian than someone who could sing and sand paints at the same time. 


There were moments when we had to race against time to do hair & make up with ”gan chiong” (anxious) backstage crew who kept hurrying us from time to time; huge worries if make-up will stay well outdoors plus highly-humid weather here (thank god Artistry products saved the day); frantic times when there were no dressing rooms provided so we did the make-up in nearby cafe (probably with curious stares from diners as well). Most tables are filled with food, whilst ours are filled with lots of foundations, masscara, eye shadows etc…LOL! Truly unforgetable!!

So far, One of the most challenging tasks was for me to use the eye liner and paste fake lashes under the most minimal light!! (the only light source was as ‘bright’ as the EXIT light plus a little help from Erika’s Handphone) So as I did the eyes, Erika held her Handphone next to her eyes, yup that was the ‘brightest’ light source we had; HANDPHONE LIGHT!!)  

Memorable Cases Together

Esplanade Performance (Theme: Sandsations)

Here, we were worried if make-up could withstand the humid weather & entire day of rehearsals…in the end, all went smoothly ^^

Orange Ribbon Day Performance (theme: Racial Harmony Day)

One of  those special moments where I did her make-up & hair in a little coffee house while others having their dinner… LOL!

ShangHai Expo Performance

This was when my skills were put to its greatest test where light availability was very very limited. Phew!

OMG Channel 5 (one moment of Glory)

A little smoky eyes with nude look overall is one of my all-time favourites. Regular Skincare regime helps complexion looks good and radiant even if cameras were to zoom in.

Recent performance for a private event by Hermes

With event Emcee Benedict Goh

Good times always fly. In a blink of eye, this October will be our 5th working month together and come Jan will be our last as Erika will leave for New York to perform with one of the best in the world: Cirque du Soleil! (

La Nouba




“If Erika can do it, you can too!! Grab hold of your dream and fly with it!”

– kin may

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