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Wwhat do you think of facebook?

Imagine Grandpa has a Facebook??!! One word: COOL!!

Imagine in his friends list, you see  all his friends round up an average age of 60??!! DOUBLE COOL!! Its like seeing hip-py grandpas and grandmas clicking their mouse away and the possible pics tagged in their photo albums are probably those like their 50th wedding anniversary or grandchild’s 1st birthday party :))

FaceBook is like Justin Bieber’s Baby ft. Ludacris. A simple song like this by a 16 year-old-boy makes history and bonds people together.

My mum who is a school bus attendant, knows this song and surprisingly she LOVES it!! & beams over it whenever we play it for her.  Ask how did she come to know about it? The little ones in the school bus play and sing to it with their ever-cutest voice almost everyday. Wwhoever hears it will definitely melts his/her heart. So whenever my mum hears the song, she’ll smile. Not because she is crazy over justin Bieber but because upon hearing this song, she’ll picture the cute little children whom she helped to look after everyday from 2 to 5pm singing and dancing happily.

My sis once said: “jie, Im amazed by how Justin Bieber, a young guy can affect the life of a mother of 2 who stays half way round the globe from him.”

Same goes for Facebook, People are thankful. Many had their lives changed because of it; finding long-lost siblings & families, healing decades of regrets and remorse; or discovering that her first love has been remembering her for these 20 years. (she chanced upon a tagged photo which reveals him still wearing their ‘ring”) & For me i hope to find these 2 particular old friends of mine whom I had a great time with when I was in nursery. Yup thats right, you didnt hear me wrong. @ the age of 4 to 6 i had this wonderful time with them. (a pity at that age, i had limited maturity to realize the importance of keeping at least a phone number for future contact)

Cheers to social network!! A soft touch to the cold technology.

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