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Quote for the month:不怕口袋没錢 , 只怕思想贫穷

Most of us are afraid of being penniless. Are you? Well I am.

The fear of not having enough money to pay bills. The feeling of staring at a bank account or atm machine that is forever running low or sometimes even negative (that would mean you’re in debts)….when will “high tide” ever arrive?? A tsunami will be great in this case.

& those housing loans, car loans, insurance plans, to buy the food we love,  to indulge in little things like movie, travel, KTV or even just taxis & guess what, these are only the most basics in life.

Given a choice, most of us will love to buy a dream house,

dream car,

dream career , dream life and dream soulmate to live with happily ever after isnt it? Meee too…my friends too…I’m sure my parents too…probably my grandparents too…

So most importantly, we can be penniless 口袋没錢, its nothing to be afraid of,; just earn more!!!

But never be poor in mindset 思想贫穷 for this will forever bring us down.

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