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Beautiful @ 50!

Regardless of age , language or religion, every lady deserves to be beautiful. As per earlier articles, there are no ugly ladies, just superbly lazy ones!

Throughout these few years, i’ve seen many ladies. All types. But I truly admire those who really take effort to groom and maintain themselves. Not the over-dose type of course. The key is Perfect BALANCE.

Sally and Huanzhen are two lovely examples. Both in their mid fifties, skin slightly dehydrated and a couple of fine lines etc. But compared to their peers who do not take care, these 2 ladies are considered the creme of the crop. Shining both inside out.

A light pat of hydrating foundation with a little warm glow blusher make the day. Most importantly, choose a warm red lip colour follow by a blend of lip gloss. Colours of outfit make a huge difference too! Given both ladies a more modern and fresher look. Viola!~

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