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Black Head Buddy II

February 25, 2011 1 comment

Wow, feb is sure a busy month! and a fun one too!

Just completed another challenging task today, thats right! Im so happy!! Some people may have this huge question mark:

How can we stay happy at all times???


Enjoy every little thing, cherish what we are blessed with and give thanks always.

Yes, we are not saint, not God, we will bound to have our Down moments as well. But the duration of feeling ‘Down’ can be controlled and decided by us. Sleep through it, eat it down, laugh/Cry it out, have tv marathon ; anything as long you like.

& the challenging task is to clear the black and white head little babies :


(notice the ‘black bumps like tiny black dots’ around the nose & cheeks area)


(fewer ‘black bumps” and less evident pores problem)

The Aftermath

Basic 3:

Cleanse —- (Scrub) —- Tone —- Moisturise

A good skincare regime is like gym routine.

Hard to start the habit at first but as you see

the results, you’ll  fall in love with it gradually.

Only difference is a good skincare regime can

give you results INSTANTLY!!

to my dear friend, You are a diamond while the other is a stone. Sometimes guys get so blind till they can mistake a stone for a diamond.

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There are no ugly ladies, just Superbly lazy ones Part III

February 24, 2011 Leave a comment

From a normal Office Lady

To A more confident Her

During the photoshoot: ” My Team and I were :  looking after and taking care every single little detail, as though its our little daughter’s wedding day.”

” to treat every customer as though we’re marrying off our little girl.” is the attitude to successful beauty experience.

Great things always start with small details.

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A Dream wedding came true…

February 2, 2011 2 comments

Dedicating this post to my dearest long time friend, Melissa and her hubby, Norman.

Isn’t this every girl’s dream wedding? A cozy wedding party by the beach, attended by close family and friends, receiving their blessings while you gave them a chance to experience a whole new different adventure in life?

Lovely weather and gentle breeze all day long. Strolling down the aisle in your dream wedding gown, looking fondly at your husband who is also looking so forward to quickly hold you in his arms. Hearing his vow makes you melt, as you’ve never seen this side of him.

My 2011 January’s highlight was this amazing wedding at koh samui & I am so glad I made it.

Getting reading …

Moments to remember…

I always tell my friends, Melissa who is from Singapore flew to Australia for her studies, met her husband there who is from Ireland and tied their knot in Thailand. Miracles do happen in life, if only you believe in them.

Together we are one big family…

It takes great destiny for 2 strangers to meet , even greater power of destiny to bind both of them as husband & wife. No matter how tough life gets going, make it through together for everything happens for a Good Reason. Don’t give up easily on something that is so rare and genuine. Once lost, you’ll never find it back. My best wishes to them 🙂

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