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A toast to a true and beautiful you!

June 3, 2011 3 comments

“There are no ugly women, only lazy ones.” One of Helena Rubinstein’s famous mantras. She was so true! This phrase clearly gives out hope to all women out there. It does not matter if you are born with single or uneven eye lids, XL size full lips or short droppy lashes. As long as you have a will, you will have a way!

I just met a lady who truly shows the spirit to the above mantra.

When I first met her briefly during last Christmas, my first impression of her was a short-hair , spectacled middle age lady who had no make up on nor had her brows drawn. Dressed humbly in her T shirt and sandals with polished Mandarin accent, I thought she might be from abroad or probably as a Mother Tongue language teacher. To my surprise, she works for our local TV Station, in the News department, specialized in script-writing for news presenter. Next surprise came when she bought some nails polish items. At that point of time, I was amazed by her determination and that tinge of curiosity she had in her towards things. (That Ah Q spirit!)

Just last week, she text me for a make up appointment. I could not recall who this prospect was at all until I met her at Orchard Hotel.

“So you were the lady who bought nails products from my friend’s stall, who worked with the TV station.”

The first thing I asked & said was : “ Are you ready??? Let’s go!”

Meeting her reminded me of Helena’s mantra. “There are no ugly women, just lazy ones.” This is one hardworking client over here. Her effort to look good touched me. As long you put in effort in yourself to look good , it will bring about confidence. This feeling is priceless. Applying make up is definitely not a mask to change you into another stranger. YOU will be still you , just a better and more confident you!

“Makeup artistes are just like fairy god mother , to help enhance what you already have in you just like Cinderella.”

This petite looking lady understood that she needed professional help and spent great effort in investing in one. And the ending?? Perfect!!

Her skin was a little oily to begin with; pores were a little magnificent, eye brows were a little sparse but messy. BUT all these are just small problems. She is blessed with fair skin complexion, double eye lid and lovely lips. Just focus more on strengths and less on weakness will do. Be happier and more optimistic! Great effects will follow suit.

With good skincare products and proper cleansing steps, foundation settled down very quickly and well onto her skin. Clogged pores and dead cells were scrubbed off. Dirt and dust were cleansed off. Bacteria was sterilized by toning and skin cells were kept QQ by moisturizer.

Tip: Invest well in skin care products! They are a MUST whereby makeup might be a possible WANT depending on your lifestyle, gender, religion etc.
Both men and women should always have a basic set of cleanser, scrub, moisture intense/pore cleansing masque, toner, eyecream and moisturizer with SPF protection. For men, (I understand too), minimal ? Cleanser , scrub and moisturizer with SPF.

Next came the brows project. Excess fine hair or bush I would call it, were trimmed, shaved and pulled. Exactly like what you saw in Princess Diary. Lol!

Thank god to the invention of fake eye lashes, her eyes were further enhanced into round little mesmerizing ones. Viola~!! Good glue has to be used to avoid any possible eye infection.

Tip: Do not save on eye lash glue & lip/eye remover. A bad quality glue with unknown ingredients will lead to eye allergy, causing it to be swollen and itchy. One of the after effects is peeling and tearing. A good lash glue should be strong enough to hold the fake lashes but easy enough to be removed by lip/eye remover.

Finally some natural looking eye shadow , blusher and lip gloss will do the job!
Natural looking trend will never be out of trend.

Towards the end, I used a little of dark brown/.chocolate eye shadow to give some final touch to her eyelid for a little smoky effect. Not too heavy, just a light touch. Classy & elegant!

Tip: When doing make up for ladies who seldom apply make up, always have them see themselves in the mirror regularly to ensure that your style is in tune with their expectation and level of tolerance. From past experience, never show them the mirror only towards the end. As much as we like it, but if client hates it and could not tolerate it, it is still a failure!

I hope to meet more of these ladies like this client of mine in near future. Money is not an issue, Good Attitude towards life is the key! A toast to all ladies out there, a true and beautiful you! Thank yourself for being you!


Comments from a friend of mine : It gives her a lot of character and makes her looks very confident with herself.

Jia you li peng!!

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