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A true CK with class

Working with models from other countries helped me gain a new level of experience in my field of industry. 3 – 4 years ago when I was watching Tyra Bank’s America’s Next Top Model TV show , I was looking at the ladies with awe and Tyra in particular with envy like any other normal girls. Never would I ever imagine myself to be in this trade, let alone work alongside with these models. Yes it sounds dramatic, but trust me, if you were in my shoes, up till now, Im still amazed by how twists and turns can happen in life.

4 good years have passed. Really good happening ones. Compare with my peers of my age, mine is totally like a Lalaland. There had been ups & downs. Twists & turns. But one thing for sure, nothing has been wasted. I give thanks to everything that happened be it good or bad. As the old saying goes : everything happens for a GOOD reason! Miracles do happen in life if you believe in them.

The night before this event was filled with excitment and anticipation. Everything was double and triple checked. Foundations, make up brushes, hair spray, skincare treatment products, tweezers etc. Apart from punctuality that makes a person credible, flexibility and adaptability are also important factors.

Despite the models’ young age , all of them display full professionalism. I still remembered asking William J and Henrique M, : are you guys comfortable with the make up and tweezing of brows?

Their reply was: “you re the make up artistes, we re the models, you do the calling. ” Amazing! Im impressed.

In my opinion, a well groomed person with a tinge of charisma is what makes a CK person. He/She may not be the most good looking chap, nor the wealthiest, but the clean – cut exterior, witty brains (note: witty ; not IQ Clever) and a humble down to earth attitude makes him/her most attractive and stands out from the rest. A true CK with Class.

Like some who will agree with this quote: It is not the branded luxurious goods that make you classy, its you who bring out the class with the touch of a luxury brand. The aura of a wise confident person who enjoys at the same time financial freedom.

Behind the scenes:

Great teamwork to make it work!

Eyes are windows to our souls~ 1000% focus needed


At the end of the day, what makes a make up artiste unforgetable and different from the rest, is the ability to touch people’s heart, including touching the hearts of these models.

In my words, I call it the ‘Magic Touch.”

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