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Getting a Great Week started!

Do you have a habit of writing up a TO-DO list everyday?

Can you survive without your organiser / planner ?

A yes for me for the first and a NO for the latter. Especially given the nature of my work, which are based on appointment, it is really hard to survive without a planner. Thus I can never understand how some of my friends could just carry a cute little lovely bag, containing just a purse, handphone, keys, tissue perhaps and a little make-up pouch. To be able to do this carefree movement is considered a little luxury for me. Mine will always have lots of stuff in it. A single bag is never enough for me. I am so gonna get a huge metal bag soon!!! (In case what kind of bag you are wondering, let me drop a little hint… some famous brands of this metal bag come from Nissan, Honda, BMW… now u know what I mean?)

Thank god for the nature of my work as well, Mondays hardly come as a Blue one for me. LOL! Now, question is how do I kick start my week ahead?

Tip #1: Plan well – Have a blue print in your mind on what task you NEED to complete and which ones that you WANT to complete. Plan Ahead. I understand some of my guy friends love the word : Impromptu! So sorry, it certainly does not work for me. Impromptu would mean me filling up my diary/planner as no purpose at all. Of coz, Life does not always happen as planned, this I totally understand, neither will I aim to be a perfectionist. But if we can master good planning skills, why not?

Tip #2: Have a TO-DO list everyday, and complete small little tasks first. For me, I usually scribble down e.g. the phone calls which I’m supposed to make today etc. Sometimes the most simple task actually takes the longest time to complete!! E.g. to clean up my bedroom. Oh Boy, as simple as this may sound, it is one of the tasks which Im taking forever to do so. LOL!!

Tip #3: Smile & think positive! – Like the saying goes : An apply a day, keeps the doctor away!! A SMILE a day, keeps Positive Awake! Ever heard of the SECRET? Our mind actually works like the Universe. Laws of Attraction! Just yesterday, I did a quick mini facial for my prospect in a 5 Star hotel ladies. People keep coming in and out. Perhaps the universe sensed my thoughts, one of the cubicles got choked abruptly. The bathroom was banned for a while for entrance, luckily we were not kicked out by the cleaner. We ended up having the entire bathroom to ourselves. Awww…PEACE!

At the end of the day : its all about Fail to Plan = Plan to fail!

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