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~Nails Experience in KL Sunway~

Its been a long time since I last posted on nails!! Gosh, think its like donkey years ago… But this one, I gotta post on it, reason being? Superb!! Product is good, service is good & price is good!! Triple Good!

Venue : De Lacq

(Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya, Sunway Pyramid, tel: 03-7494 4288)

I almost felt like giving up after 3 manicure shops rejected my business when the time was just slightly after 8pm. I was like: where on earth did all the manicurists go??  Off  & puff I went for dinner instead!

It was slightly after 9pm, after dinner, I decided to give it one last try. Again, laws of Attraction! Amazingly, I came across this corner little shop which states : Open!! For a moment, my Hopes were back! But with doubt, I asked if they were still opened for business. I won’t be surprised if they said they are closing anyway since 3 shops had rejected me an hour ago. But to my surprise, this shop closes at 10pm!!! I was practically beaming with joy! Manicurist Eve was so friendly and good. I loved my nails ! Having been to countless mani & pedi, its really easy to judge which are up to standard, and which are not.  I love it so much to the extent I went back the very next day.

Here’s the ~nails journey~

A pair of tired looking feet (  -.-!!)

A good Soak to soften the dead cells and foot sole ~ awaiting for its scrub later

final product~ this colour makes tanned skin glow~ strongly recommended

At the end of the day, we customers just need one thing when we pay for something : Service!

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