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Do you plan?

September 30, 2011 2 comments

People in their 20s are usually in the “Exploration stage“, which means they can explore, look around & try new adventures without much commitment. This applies to both career and love. Being young is basically the best trump card. But hold on tight my friend, for this TRUMP CARD has an expiry date. It does not have lifetime warranty. Once it exceeds 30, that’s it!

For those in their 30s, it is a “Go – Getter stage“. By now, your career path should have been more or less fixed. You can foresee yourself walking along this path for the next 10 – 20 years until your retirement and you are going to be the Master of your trade. This stage may also lead you to your first car, house or even wife! For singles out there, this is really the time to enjoy your single-hood; you should be earning comfortably, driving your dream car and travelling to countries for lovely spas and crazy shopping! Most importantly, the freedom of going anywhere without having to report to anyone.

40s is what I call it “GOLDEN ERA” where you will be enjoying your fruits of labour from the past 10 years. You upgrade your Nissan to a BMW, your 3/4 room flat to a condo/semi D.  Unfortunately, Life can also be really extreme sometimes don’t you think ?  The rich will be richer while the poor will be poorer. If you have not been planning properly since young neither have you been working hard, this is the “WORRYING ERA” for you, where you will worry if your ricebowl is stable, if your health is good, if your bills can be paid on time etc. Not forgetting your parents’ health will also be compromised at this point in life and they might need your care most. But if you are constantly tied to your job, how is it possible to actually divide your time out for them? But then again, without a job, where do I get the income to feed my family ? Irony isn’t it?

50s and above : It will be awesome if you can afford to retire happily, healthily and debt-free. Most importantly, you are a rare gem  if you still have dreams to pursue. As age increases, the size of one’s dream amazingly decreases. Someone I know once said he felt so embarrassed to hear that a 72 year old still harbors determination to pursue his dreams in life; whereby for him, he just wanted to retire at 30 without worrying for bills. Does Life really consists of only financial freedom? What about health freedom? Family freedom?

What do you think ? Where do you see yourself in the next 5 to 10 years?

As the old saying goes, if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail…

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Beauty Eyes D.I.Y tutorial

September 15, 2011 Leave a comment

Today, this little post is going to be dedicated to all ladies out there. As the old saying goes: There are no ugly girls, just superbly LAZY ones!

Tell yourself each day that you are amazing!

You are kind, you appreciate even little things in life, you help, you cheer and you listen. You aim, you plan, you protect your love ones and most importantly you upkeep your good values & promises to others.

If you’re single still, trust me, your other-half is looking for you the same way you are looking for him. When time is right, everything will come in place. Might be Love from a far-a-way land, you never know. Meanwhile, instead of waiting for ‘the one’ to appear, let’s do something to doll yourself up first.

Looking good is not about being vain, it is about self respect and respecting others. It brings you confidence and this confidence influences your working attitude. When you feel you look good, you tend to work better too. Try wearing no make-up, unkempt hair, shorts and slippers to work, you will understand what I mean.

In these recent years, fake eye lashes have taken 21st century over by storm. Many are wondering how exactly do we paste that little lash onto our eyes? How do we remove them? How long can it last? Will it harm my eyes or lash long term? Here comes some help to my dear ladies out there~


1) Have really good foundation set as base. Especially around the eyes area, use lots of loose powder to smooth out any rough surfaces. Loose powder helps reduce patchy foundation and enhance the durability of your eye make-up too.

2) apply your favourite eye shadow colour  (a tinge of shimmer white/pearl white is always my must-have; brightens up your eyes lots!)

3) next, start with your eyeliner (if you are using the liquid eyeliner type, just remember to pre-shake the bottle a little. For crayon eyeliners wise, always press some dark chocolate or black eye shadow over it to reduce smudging.)

4) Finally , here comes your fake lashes application. Trim a little by the corner to have the lash length fit to your eyes.

Tip is : Trim, glue, blow and hold for 40 sec to 1 min, stick, hold, push and blow again.

5) there you go, Lash job done!! ps: do not save on lash glue  and lip-eye remover please. Trust me, you won’t regret. Bad glues gives possible bad-skin-day!

I recently taught some ladies the above 5 steps and some very amazing results came out. Notice the difference? It was fantastic! My friend Alicia was like : My God!! Finally, managed to put it on! PHEW!!  But to be honest, as hard as it may sound, you will somehow feel kind of accomplished.

Alicia: My god!! -.-!!

Me: You can do it!! Jia you!!

viola~~ well done ALicia! And thumbs up to you Linda!! Proud of you girls!

All I can say is :

Eyeliners are one of the BEST INVENTIONS made in history! It adds in the spark to her eyes immediately! & definitely cost lesser than cosmetic surgery.

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Whatever you do, give your best to it!

September 5, 2011 2 comments

Be a credible person. Say what you mean and mean what you said.

Do what you love and love what you do!

Cherish today, learn from yesterday and look forward to tomorrow.

If you have dreams, go for it! Keep trying! Don’t give up!

One day, when you reached the peak, all past efforts and hardwork will be worth

it! Believe and be positive!


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