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Men & Make Up

October 14, 2011 4 comments

Hi Guys, do you think men need make up?

I’ve a few guy friends who are actually into concealer and BB cream. Some faithful ones even keep a full set of skincare products ranging from cleanser, toner, eye cream, repair serum, night cream to scrub and masque. Plus a good routine of supplements for their health and skin, bravo!!

Gone were those days of discrimination to guys with cosmetics, even Justin Bieber touches up sometimes. I mean come on, by putting some extra something onto your face doesn’t mean anything right? You just want to look good at the end of the day and I SALUTE you for that. By looking good, you feel good and work gets good too!EVerything just seems better 🙂

Yesterday I was at a grooming class and trust me, nearly one quarter of the class was made up of guys. Here are some behind the scenes when they were being taught what foundation actually is. I admire their learning spirit really. For them to learn make-up and skincare products is like me learning software programming or reading musical notes. (Equally challenging!!) Haha! But really, I can’t help but giggle to myself when I see them analyzing the foundation applied onto their hands. I mean, you don’t ‘analyze’ foundations, do you? So there you go ,  thumbs up to these boys !

Here, we have a dragon boat coach, chef and a fresh graduate. cheers!!

They study the foundation…

And then they smell it. really meticulous.

Tips: basically you just need to choose a suitable tone. You wouldn’t want to look like Mr Bean but with a tanned neck. Usually concealers are great for your dark eye circles. But please use a proper make up remover. If you’re outdoor most of the time, never hurt to have a sunblock with SPF 30 and above, you’ll thank me when you don’t see your pigments popping out.

Freckles are cute, but when these little spots joined arms and become little patches, I can’t imagine any reason for you to smile.

If you have other good advices to share for men & make up or any interesting encounters you came across,  looking forward to hear them too!

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