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Discover the wild side of you!

Any upcoming plans for X’mas and New year next month? Am so looking forward to festive season. Every year, this period is the best time to “officially” give oneself a break from a whole year’s of hardwork. Once again it is time for goal setting! What’s your new year resolution? Never too early to think about it now.

Past weeks have been awesome!!

One of the latest projects would be a highly anticipated interview with a young talented writer , Chris Barba from New Jersey!

(u will find his amazing articles from http://www.thinkchooselive.org)

Come Dec, we shall all have a chance to read about his tips in staying positive especially goals setting part to youngsters out there.

Now the highlight : First of all, Many thanks to my model Carrin and her mum Christina! For their team spirit and dare-to-try-new-experience attitude! It was a great time doing the make-over for them.

Profile 1 : Christina is blessed with fair skin. At her age, skin condition is actually in tip-top condition with little spots or pigments.

Her tip is : Start skincare young. So all these investments do pay off afterall! Together with Artistry Intensive Repair Peel masque just after 8 mins, her skin glows with radiance and foundation sets easily on her skin. Coz usually normal to dry skin has a problem with ‘cakey’ or ‘ cracky’ foundation.

PS : A pair of good eyebrows is really really important! Never underestimate!

Profile 2 : Carrin , like her mum is blessed with fair skin with hardly any outbreaks. Her only main concerns are her eyes area which start to show signs of puffiness and dark circles. Last but not least, Carrin is also aiming to uplift her cheek area, giving it a more supple & toned feeling. These can be improved greatly by a facial massage known as Guasha . (Which will be featured in upcoming post soon)

However, we both went further into a more fiery, wilder look for her. A total huge contrast from her soft nature style. A heavier touch on the grey and black shadows to give smoky eyes and red hot lip color! Viola!


Tip of the day :

Don’t be afraid to discover the wild side of you!!

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  1. November 30, 2011 at 1:00 am

    Woo hoo! Looking forward to the holiday posts!

    And I love the tip of the day, “Don’t be afraid to discover the wild side of you.” I’ve been growing my hair out a little and my thoughts are just that.

    • December 9, 2011 at 5:14 am

      Hi Chris , apologies for the super late reply. Woo!! I see that you re challenging yourself to try a different image / style. We will never know if it suits us anot till we give it a shot don’t u think ? Whatever it is, you have my support! Never harm to discover the wild side of you! Cheers! Ps: post will be up very soon…

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