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Battling the “Weight Issue”

April 21, 2010 Leave a comment

I’m glad to hear that the new generation of insurance agents * 1980s babies, who now joined the force, works not just for the $ value. So far, agents about my age whom joined the industry joined, have one common belief: they are believer in insurance themselves & that they’ve witnessed many incidents on the importance of it. Whenever i hear this, I’m glad that the industry has welcomed one more potential gem and will be polishing it further till it influences more. Coz when the ultimate beauty of this industry is seen, trust me, even should the agent one day quit, he / she will still be a 100% consumer of it.

The joy of helping one person and to the extent of changing that person’s life forever beats a million other little things. It’s one thing that will stay etched to one’s mind.

Last October, I’ve assisted one of my customers to lose the weight. Since then, she became a happier and healthier person. Lost a total of 10kg! She now leads a healthier lifestyle and weight hardly bounce back. ( as of april 2010) Through her, i see a determined little girl who worked hard to achieve her goal. In the past, she too has failed before. Far too many to count. But I’m very proud of her. 80% of what she is now owes it to her own effort. She took control of her life and not leave it to fate to decide that she should be overweight forever.

Once you’re on track to lose your first few kilos, you’ll be motivated to lose more. And EXERCISE is very important!! Indulge in group activities (like join a gym) if you do not like solo jogging. Most gyms like Fitness First etc offers an ideal environment. When you see the good looking instructors or people who are way fatter than you making the best effort to sweat that extras kilos, around, you’ll be even more motivated. Coz exercise helps tone our flabby meat which becomes flabbier as we lose the weight. And taking the right supplements help curb your cravings much better and providing your body enough fuel for daily routine without feeling dizzy. Supplements help fill in major gaps of nutrients which we are missing out each day. Example, B Complex helps release energy from the food we eat,absolute essential for our nervous system & improves our metabolism, C helps us boost a better immune while Calcium Magnesium helps calm us down & improvement of sleep quality. And for people who has constipation problem, magnesium helps soften stools making every ‘bombing’ session much easier and more enjoyable. Afterwhich your tummy will be at least an inch flatter.

I myself do not belong to the ‘slim & fit’ category, therefore i FULLY understand how an overweight person feels. And when he/she wants to lose the weight, most importantly, MENTALLY he/she must be ready. And to slim for a GOOD reason apart from just looking good. Otherwise, weight will easily bounce back again. Tip #2, do not hurry. The more you tell yourself you wanna slim, don’t eat this, don’t eat that, the more you’ll be stressed and then double the quantity of food intake. and more tomorrows will appear. (tomorrow then cut on the soft drinks la, tomorrow then eat less rice la..blah blah)

both mentally & physically :

The endless diet recipes ( watermelon diet, only fruits diet, no carbo diet, cambrid** diet, Slim t*n pills then diet), endless temptations to the most delicious food out there (  full cream chocolate chip ice blended mocha; cheese fries; fried chicken wings; BBQ stingray with extra chilli & gravy; extra topping of cheese over hawaiian pizza & jumbo Carl’s Junior burger );

ever-tiring workouts (short but super tiring 15min treadmill, 45min aerobics, 20 laps of swimming, 5 sets of 15 of sit ups & lifting of dumb dumb bells, profuse perspiration from just warm-up only even before the main exercise aka having finished popcorns before the movie even starts theory), having to drag oneself up from bed (early in the morning 7 o’clock) and then feet to exercise, mentally stressed by every inch of fats around the body (why fit only into Topshop size 14 & above, Dorothy Perkins, Zara, and not those cute little boutiques in Bugis & far east? – pity the store please. Space area is already crammed with a cashier machine, a changing room and shelves of clothes for S – M or free-size which usually mean M max again, let alone space for extra sized clothes) blah blah blah. All these are negative forces found easily from any possibly-overweight person.

So let’s get healthy people! Start by thinking healthy! People say: you are what you eat. I say ” you are what you think you are! ” The power of brain is very scary if you’ve watched Shutter Island, you’ll get what i mean. Yes, it will worth your $10 movie ticket.


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Mr. Bad Flu came to visit

February 22, 2010 Leave a comment

Flu is not the worst but is one of the most troublesome and disturbing illnesses. It itches your nose, disturb you at sleep and make your eyes teary at all times. As if it is not bad enough, it numbs your taste buds and human’s oldest sense of smell too.

One morning I woke up with a really bad throat. One that hurts when you swallow your saliva. Throat felt terribly dry too. Then, arrived the sneezing and watery eyes. By evening, I was too drowsy for anything else but a good good sleep. (Plus a little stomach upset made the day even worst!!!) I was literally yearning for my bed. The next day, climax came. Bones aching, head spinning, sneezing increases by 200%, mucus came flowing and tissue BOXES to the rescue!!! Haha. Anything good tasted like nothing. Anything yummy smelled like nothing. Only like plain air.

But one good lesson learnt! Never ever exercise when you are down with flu. (Think my brain went a little crazy); to think I went for fitball still. Haha, interesting. Never in my life I did this. But I told myself, I paid for the gym already at a monthly fees of $150 plus since Im down on MC, which means no appointment-day so probably is the best time to do it at no guilt of having to cancel appointments or meetings. Perhaps a little exercise will help in recovery faster? That was my initial mindset. Thank god it was only fitball and not kickboxing. My bones was literally cracking all the way when it got stretched on the huge ball. Kinda SHIOK actually. Coz the whole body felt lighter and any possible water retention seemed to disappear. Apparently , I think if we were to exercise when we are sick, we tend to perspire easier as body is taking double the effort to work. (Now i understand the meaning of stiff bones when one lies too long on the bed.) Fitball was a great way to stretch it and improve on the blood circulation. But when it came to the strenuous bouncing movement, I technically had to slow down, couldn’t catch up. Breathing got a little challenging. Guess my respiratory system wasn’t ready for battle yet. But thank god once again for the teacher was really fun and interesting!! Makes everyone enjoy the class even more. After the class, I felt really fresh but my limbs were immediately feeling worn out. Good amount of aching especially when you try to squat or a simple sit. Goodness, thighs were the first to feel it. Next comes the abdomen and rib cage. Woolala! So bottom line is: WHen one is down is with flu, Never ever exercise!! Just take loads of rest, be as much couch/bed potato as you like, eat veggies like rabbits and cows, drink tons of sky juice (aka water) and think positive!! Stretching definitely helps but not exercise!!

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