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Do you plan?

September 30, 2011 2 comments

People in their 20s are usually in the “Exploration stage“, which means they can explore, look around & try new adventures without much commitment. This applies to both career and love. Being young is basically the best trump card. But hold on tight my friend, for this TRUMP CARD has an expiry date. It does not have lifetime warranty. Once it exceeds 30, that’s it!

For those in their 30s, it is a “Go – Getter stage“. By now, your career path should have been more or less fixed. You can foresee yourself walking along this path for the next 10 – 20 years until your retirement and you are going to be the Master of your trade. This stage may also lead you to your first car, house or even wife! For singles out there, this is really the time to enjoy your single-hood; you should be earning comfortably, driving your dream car and travelling to countries for lovely spas and crazy shopping! Most importantly, the freedom of going anywhere without having to report to anyone.

40s is what I call it “GOLDEN ERA” where you will be enjoying your fruits of labour from the past 10 years. You upgrade your Nissan to a BMW, your 3/4 room flat to a condo/semi D.  Unfortunately, Life can also be really extreme sometimes don’t you think ?  The rich will be richer while the poor will be poorer. If you have not been planning properly since young neither have you been working hard, this is the “WORRYING ERA” for you, where you will worry if your ricebowl is stable, if your health is good, if your bills can be paid on time etc. Not forgetting your parents’ health will also be compromised at this point in life and they might need your care most. But if you are constantly tied to your job, how is it possible to actually divide your time out for them? But then again, without a job, where do I get the income to feed my family ? Irony isn’t it?

50s and above : It will be awesome if you can afford to retire happily, healthily and debt-free. Most importantly, you are a rare gem  if you still have dreams to pursue. As age increases, the size of one’s dream amazingly decreases. Someone I know once said he felt so embarrassed to hear that a 72 year old still harbors determination to pursue his dreams in life; whereby for him, he just wanted to retire at 30 without worrying for bills. Does Life really consists of only financial freedom? What about health freedom? Family freedom?

What do you think ? Where do you see yourself in the next 5 to 10 years?

As the old saying goes, if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail…

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Whatever you do, give your best to it!

September 5, 2011 2 comments

Be a credible person. Say what you mean and mean what you said.

Do what you love and love what you do!

Cherish today, learn from yesterday and look forward to tomorrow.

If you have dreams, go for it! Keep trying! Don’t give up!

One day, when you reached the peak, all past efforts and hardwork will be worth

it! Believe and be positive!


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the importance of follow up

September 4, 2010 2 comments

When we are dealing business transactions, a ‘follow up’ is always important.

Take business for example, have u ever had an experience whereby client changes her/his mind on his purchase the next few days when u followed up? Many.  But this usually happens for a main reason:

1) a follow up was probably did only after the ‘golden 48 hours rule”. meaning, we contact client only after say about  4 to 5 days later as a follow up. this is especially risky if client is by nature an impulsive purchaser or during the ‘closing of transaction’ moment itself, client had reluctantly agreed.


1. Very impt to follow up when customer had just bought your product or service. Esp for skincare range or if its her / his first time using.  next  3 days are the golden hours.

Customers are always just a phone call away, dont be afraid to phone and check up on them.

2. Follow up on customers’ negative feedbacks or complaints. This can’t be delayed. Settled it asap. and i do mean asap. Do not avoid their calls neither do u fix a we-shall-meet-next-week date to settle it kind of attitude. Do not pass the responsibility around either. Immediate and ASAP means the same, be quick in action, show customers that u care and a sense of urgency means concern. Of course i do not mean by miss calling them more than 3 times a day. u’ll be surprised that negative customers  are more loyal in long run when we settled their needs than happy go lucky customers.

Bottom line is

if you’re open for business, do not procrastinate and always give a good follow up via 48 to 72 hours golden rule. A problem is never a problem if we face it positively.

Kindly do not keep changing handphone numbers too. Maybe its alright for some occupations but definitely not if u’re doing business. Does Takashimaya always move around to different addresses in singapore – no i dont think so. Its now like an icon in orchard. People remember it easily.

If we understand this little theory, we can literally apply it not just to work but to everyday matters in life. amazing isnt it…

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grandpa catches Ip Man II

May 14, 2010 1 comment

I’ve finally made my promise last friday to grandpa! It feels AWFULLY TERRIBLE to not do what one has promised and vice versa, it feels AWFULLY GREAT to fulfill one’s promise to another, moreover its to your grandfather. Eversince the passing of grandma, many things have changed..& just when I was scratching my head to think of something to spice up my grandfather’s life, there Ip Man II came to the rescue. It was also my very first time bringing him to the movies!! Think I had just made ‘memoir’ in my life journal once again.


Friday 4.30Pm IP MAN II

it was a 4.30pm show at Eng Wah Jubliee @ amk.

Chose a not-so-near & not-so-far seat from the screen.

Arrived perfectly at the hall.

Grandpa was holding a walking stick. He was trying his best to figure his way in the dark too, though I was beside him to stand by just in case.

Found our seat, bingo! 4th row from the front.

Got settled down.

His eyes were wide opened, staring at the huge flickering screen. & movie began… …


& thing is , throughout the movie, instead of concentrating on Ip Man, my main main focus was more on grandfather instead. LOL. i kept asking if he was cold, if he needed to go toilet, if he understood the movie, if he can see the screen. After an hour, if he would like to go toilet, if he was cold, if he would like to put on his jacket etc. If you were sitting right next to me, you’ll probably slap me to shut up. Yes i know & I can totally understand that. LOL!! But as much as it may irritate a 3rd person’s point of view, you;ll be surprised, each time i asked a question, grandpa just nodded he is fine. He is good. He is comfortable. Nope, he does not need the gents. Yes, he could see the screen. & though he’s into his 80s already, he still reacts quite well, at least in my memory, he laughed when Ip Man & Sammo Hong ended in as equals during their fight at table top. A huge enlightenment to me at that poiint of time, Movies do PLAY A HUGE IMPORTANT ROLE in everyone’s life esp senior citizens. So no more excuses in not bringing senior citizens out.

ps:  There was this other senior citizen walking in slowly to his seat too, accompanied by his son. He too was holding a walking stick, slowly making his way up. i was like: grandpa, your friend over there… lol, i meant more like : look grandpa, its normal to watch movie at your age, see, you’ve got company!

During the movie, yes, grandpa did make a trip to the gents afterall. & here, i thank the audience the other day for being so kind and patient. As we walked down the steps to the gents, more or less the screen would be blocked right? I was so worried people would be hissing for us to hurry. Locals do have a heart afterall. Imagine you’re in the middle of the most exciting part & then came an elderly walking down the aisle slowly, will you hiss at him? Nope, at least i wont. Coz one day, I’ll be like that too.


Therefore at the end of a fruitful 2 hour, conclusion is :

1. Yeap, I missed 20% of the movie. But i compensated myself by catching 2nd time with my dad. (He has been waiting eagerly for this show too).

2. I discovered, by showing the ticket counter a senior citizen EZ Link, the tickets are only $4 each for them.

3. Tip: Always have elderly sitted in early before the movie coz they’ll have difficulty finding their seats.

4. Always bring a jacket & advise them to drink little water before the movie

5. Sit near exit. (in a small cinema, 3 to 4 rows away from screen is ideal)

6. Trend: Elderly apparently no longer like walking sticks but rather, substitute with umbrella instead.

7. Self-reflect: Uncles & grandfathers are apparently more ‘on’, ‘hip’ than grandmothers & aunties. Aunties do not like having to sit in a cold place for more than an hour and to face a huge screen. They would rather ‘dry-swim’ aka Mahjong I believed. But for uncles and grandfathers, action movies will always be a lovely choice! Esp if the actors are from their generation.

8. choose a weekday; 4.30pm timeslot is perfect coz its non-peak, so you won’t have to worry if the cinema will be crowded etc. even if elderly has to go proceed to gents, we wouldnt have to worry much in blocking others. & after the movie, perfect once again for a lovely family dinner at 7pm. & while their mind is still fresh from the movie, good topic to talk about during dinner.

9. Don’t over-protect the elderly. its like teaching child to walk. usually, when a child falls accidentally while learning to walk, natural reflex would be to stand up and walk again unless it was really a bad fall. but if parents over protect & gave unnecessary woo & ahhss, the child will cry even louder & seek the attention. & in future, we;ll only be grooming pampered children instead of brave warriors who learn the spirit :  to stand up again after fell. What i meant was : if they’re able to carry out chores by themselves, by all means let them do it. i’ve seen some cases whereby almost everything maid maid maid. Whats the point of living then? Elderly (like little children) do sometimes need to feel that they are still useful.

During this movie trip, yes i did hold on to him a few times. but most of the time, i encouraged him to walk by himself. For my side, as long as i m always in a standby mode to ‘back him up’, its alright. Walk with him, not Walk for him. Eat with him, not eat for him. Do things at their pace for once, this is one of the things I’ve learnt.


Let’s strive to make our little lives a little more eventful each time, shall we? Otherwise in a blink blink of eye, time will just fly. Soon comes, jan, then feb, then june, then dec, then another new year. kinda scary isnt it. this will also mean our loved ones are growing older day by day & the amount of time to spend with them reduces as well. a 2 hour spent like this is priceless. Something within most our ability. It just a matter of choice & priority. Don’t always ‘ next time’. For once, do it this time.

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importance of Reflect

May 6, 2010 Leave a comment

Woo~ April 2010 has left us and here comes Month of May…

Last month has been an amazing wonderful month ! (yes, there may be downs as well but no point crying over spilt milk. mOST Importantly we learn to move on from spilt milk, reflect and improve to prevent the next bottle from spilling dont u agree?)

Month of April taught me one important lesson. & that is; Don’t give up easily in your field & people can see/feel it esp when you put your heart & soul to it. Don’t skip here & there. Be faithful. There is always good karma to doing it. In my previous article, i mentioned how a normal life journey by right should be. Before age of 25, we are privileged to explore around what we really want as most of us would not have settled down yet. between 25 – 30, we should most likely have found what we really really want; a career which we’ll marry to & hold on till the end …and so on and so forth.

Then i looked back at mine….Most of my friends know the field I am in & they will always say : Your career & you are binded as one already.(in a positive way) To the extent – in their eyes, I’m never sick of my industry. Its strong enough to become part of me & my lifestyle. But, to all:  Don’t you agree that it is a blessing to know someone who mean what they say and say what they mean? If you do not agree, then congrats! you’ve havent met enough devils in life yet. To all my friends out there: as much as you know me & my character, you’ll be amazed that I do meet devils too. & because of these devils which made me almost ‘vomit blood’ , i told myself i’ve got to set values straight & not be like them.

In business, this is very important. The Credibility & trust we give to our customers including our friends. Sometimes we tend to take for granted to people who are esp close to us & often forget they are sometimes customers too. We either over-sell or under-service. If our friends began to shun us, its time to reflect why.

For most business owners or self employed, initial stage will take a little more effort in sowing seeds & creating awareness. Support esp from closest family members were the hardest to gain. ( skeptical eyes are often present. What may seems like sincere advice sounded like doubts to me sometimes.) First 2 years for me was a struggle as I was at cross junction. No clear direction then & neither did  I know that I would be serious in this business. I just knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur, be my own boss, as i always believe that it is only in business that has a good system will one be able to really have money work for you. Unlike being employed, there will always be endless of politics (yeap it is everywhere but some place will always have maximum politics while some have minimum of it) , fixed salary (with perhaps some yearly bonus) etc. But what irks me is that my fate will always lie in someone’s else hand. Yes, in life, we do meet good people. Lets say I meet a really good boss who appreciates my talent & my usefulness to the company but who is able to stop a global financial tsunami? What if Im being retrenched at the age when I need $$$ the most? Yes, there is also certain risk to strive out on own. Perhaps it is my character. Perhaps I like to be unpredictable. I like changes & new things. Perhaps I was from Hospitality & Tourism Management which enhanced my hunger to lead a not-so-normal-&-a-little-more-exciting life. Perhaps this character of mine is also why i attracted friends of similar character. =)

Year 2010 will mark my 3rd to my business. Woohoo~~ & Next year will be my 4th and then very soon, i’ll reach my 5th anniversary. I often ask myself, how many 5 years will we have in our peak moment? Peak as in good, healthy & young stage in life. Filled with bustling energy all day long, good health still, dare to dream spirit (which sad to say seems to decrease everytime one’s age increases) etc… Esp for ladies, how many 5 years can we afford to commit to our career?

Up to date,thanks to my field, I ve made many interesting friends. Friends of different culture & language  (thailand, taiwan, china & malaysian, friends of different age group ( as young as teens to almost 70 year old), friends from all walks of life (from a normal hawker to company’s director to aspiring artistes) & friends of different characters  & family backgrounds. (from single mum to happy family of four etc ) My field has opened my eyes to another level i would say. Perspectives which I never used to see before now appears. Thoughts have matured along the way (still long way for improvement though) & behaviour seems better i would say. (at least more independent). For my age of 23, I often motivate myself that its amazing!! If you agree with me, you’ll nod to the fact :

1. not many young people know what they want

2. not many are able to find good mentors (be it of same or different industry )  to learn from therefore keep having merry-go-rounds in life till they are old.

3. some youth dared to dream & but dared not pursue it while some dared  to dream, dared to pursue but lacks consistency.

4. not many constantly reflect & think & reflect & think

5. not many dared to go against esp family’s objections & pursue what they really want

6. back to the square one : not many youths are hungry for success for we are too comfortable and pampered since young including me myself. & frankly speaking, it did take me quite some time to think before discovering what i really want. But has the new generation even start to think ?

Don’t be shy to motivate yourself OFTEN!! SELF MOTIVATION IS ONE OF THE GREATEST GIFTS WE ARE BLESSED WITH IF WE KNOW HOW TO UNLEASH IT. Learn to self -appreciate more often too. BALANCE is the key, there must be a balance to everything. Over self appreciation might lead to arrogance. Therefore Balance is the key.

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March 21, 2010 Leave a comment

A good man should know what is best not to play with and what is best to avoid. Able to draw a line. That line is called ‘limit’.

After recent happenings, I somehow lost faith in finding a good person to rely on. Happened to my aunt, my friends, my parents’ friends and … seen too many…

People in love will tell you all the best things about L.O.V.E. But i just can’t stand it when negative things just keep happening. What are these signs trying to prove? Prove to the facts that good men are either attached or gay? Prove to the facts that rotten guys are everywhere and is a growing trend in a modern world like this?

Logics and reality strengthen my belief on the above. Since young, I’ve never been able to be on the ‘trust side’ for guys. But this feeling fades slowly away as i grew older. Somehow it crept back recently again. Digging out my old belief once hidden deep down within.

My current mindset is: In life, you can work hard to a good career (lots of ways), work hard to earn loads of money (too many money making ways), work hard for self improvement (countless books to give the ways), work hard to slim down (just google it and you’ll find plenty of it). but in love area, you gotta need loads of luck and destiny stuff to make it work. If its not meant to be, no matter how hard you try, it’ll be nothing at the end of the day. It is NOT something we can control. Definitely, not something that will succeed easily just by working hard.

At the end of the day, it takes 2 hands to clap!! No use if just one party is working hard on it.

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