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Happy New Year !! ~ 2012 ~

December 31, 2011 4 comments

Wow!! Time flies! Just after minutes of countdown, here I am, can’t wait to pen down my very first post of the year!!


Recently, I came across this really good blog on life goals and goals setting. . One of the Author’s personal posts was what he did in 2011 and what he would like to do in 2012. Not just this, lots of his posts are very down to earth and we could all easily relate to. Thumbs up to another great blog discovered in 2012!

Here are some of the most memorable events that happened to me in 2011 and Im also gonna list down stuff that I would really want to achieve in the brand new year at the age of 25!!

2011 Memoir

1. My little baby niece is born. I am officially an Aunt now at the age of 24. Got to be more sensible now I guess. Couldn’t really understand what role models are until when you have little ones in your family, you begin to really watch and notice your behaviour just in case a wrong benchmark or example is set.

2. Did makeup for 4 very talented young models from Poland, Brazil and Russia.  A very good case study for me as well to understand more about Caucasian’s skin types and problem areas. First time collaborating with Calvin Klein. No joke man when you got to settle all 4 models while racing against time. Many thanks to teamwork by Jasmin and Alicia. Without a team, I could hardly make things work.

3. Had my official first car accident, knocking down not one but two Bollards. Trust me, I had totally no idea why I hit it. Was I dreaming? Was it raining heavily? But I am really very thankful to the 6 uncles who helped me lift and pushed my car while I stepped hard onto the accelerator. Thank you kind strangers. Thank God I hit Bollards and not humans. So there u go, behind every dark cloud, there is a silver lining. In this case, i got Bollards as my silver lining , peace!

4. One of my dearest aunt passed away suddenly at midnight due to heart attack. She had been one of the best aunt ever, who boiled the best soup, cared for the family most and having her passed away in 2011 after grandma’s in 2010 was totally unexpected. Losing 2 loved ones in 2 years straight is really something I hope will never happen again. Like the saying goes, Phone calls that are received early mornings or wee hours like after midnight usually hardly bring happy news. So true!

So these are my 2011 huge memoirs.

What about yours?

Last but not least, things that I want to strive and work harder towards are :

1. To learn to listen more than I should speak. The Art of talking is actually listening, don’t you agree?

2. To take care of my health. Health is wealth! To have food poisoning on a New Year Eve today certainly makes this a Number One 2012 resolution. Only when I am healthy will I have the ability to care for others around me.

3. To read more , write more and think more! 2012 is a year to focus sololy on WORK!! Being 25 is a step closer to 30. Don’t wanna wait till 30 to have a turning point. This is the year! To have more dragon courage to do what our gut feeling has always been wanting to.

Lets start planning shall we?

When you fail to plan, you are planning to fail already.

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Special Interview with Chris Barba !

December 13, 2011 2 comments

Its 2 weeks away from christmas!!

Originally I wanted to keep this article all the way for Christmas Release but then again I was thinking, why wait? Good stuff must be shared and must be shared fast, don’t u think? Even Shane Dawson is already posting his Christmas Previews on his upcoming videos!

This is the first ever interview I ‘ve done with someone whom I never met before ‘literally’ and someone who actually stays half the globe away from me. This is the magic of technology! The ability to link anyone from anywhere.

And the reason to this interview is because I myself enjoy articles from written by Chris Barba himself. All along, I was thinking what else can be done apart from just tweeting in my facebook about good stuff that I learnt? Well, one of it : to interview the person who created the good stuff!! Challenging !!

It was  a random click from a random site while surfing the net on a random day. My god, I was glued to the content eversince. At I found lots of positive encouragement and life lessons to learn from. The best part is ? The Author is so young, where did he get his life experiences from then?  It was also from Chris’s Blog that opened my eyes to FundAfield, Free Hugs and TOMS Shoes. It was truly amazing!! And from TOMS Shoes, I found another meaningful story like Its like an “ecological chain” . It’s something leading to another. Therefore, one day (actually it was just last month), a crazy idea dawn upon me, why don’t just give it a try? Be a little brave, be a little crazy and approach Chris for an interview. Doesn’t matter if a rejection is there, most importantly I tried! This is life! Rejections are bountiful but we don’t limit our life because of this.

And the outcome? Success!! An interview has been cliched ! So what questions did my crazy brain actually asked? Here goes :

1) Hi Chris, you’re an event coordinator with Be Legendary, could you tell us more about Be Legendary and what do you do there?

Of course! Be Legendary’s mission statement is to live a life worth living.  Our focus is to help people breakthrough to new areas of their life and fulfill their own unique potentials. We do this through the facilitation of our philanthropic based events.  These events are designed to provide an emotional experience, life application, and a lasting legacy.

One of our more popular events is our Building a Dream, where participants work as a team to build bicycles for kids who have never owned one before. What they don’t know is that the kids actually arrive on site and they get to personally give these bikes to some very special guests! As an event coordinator I get to facilitate these events, work out the behind the scenes kinks and bumps, spread exposure through social media, and have done some speaking on behalf of the company as well.

 It has been truly amazing working for this company!



2) I understand you majored in Psychology , what changes you to enter as an event coordinator with Be Legendary?

Ha – great question.  So anyone who graduates with a psychology degree knows that you either go back so school or wind up getting a job in an unrelated field.  I graduated with a profound sense of indecision so I decided to job search and work until I tailored my interest in psychology a bit more.  

What’s been really great about working with Be Legendary is there is an organizational development component to what I do.  This has certainly been a great interest of mine in the psychology realm.  I absolutely love learning about the subject matter, and read a lot on positive psychology, happiness, decision making, and flow.  Some of my favorite names in the field are Daniel Gilbert, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Jonathan Haidt, and Jonah Lehrer, just to name a few.  So I definitely remain connected to my psychology upbringing and try and continually apply and tie in what I have learned to my work and everyday life.

3) I managed to view the clip too,  it was priceless! The kids’ eyes literally sparkled as though they saw Santa. Any memorable behind-the-scenes ?

I think I have one of the best roles when it comes to facilitating these events because usually I get to work very closely with the children.  I’m with them from the time they get on site to when they are brought in for the reveal and given their very own bicycles! There are so many funny and heartwarming stories that happen behind the scenes, but this one boy named Tommy really made an impression on me.  From the moment he got there he had a huge smile on his face and looked at me and said, “I’m getting a bicycle.”  There was sheer joy in his eyes I couldn’t help but be moved by his excitement.
The timing of getting the kids to the room where the adults are unknowingly waiting is crucial.  You also have to keep the kids as quite as possible leading up to the reveal.  For this event we had to sneak up to the back of a tent.  We decided to tell the kids we were on a secret stealth mission and had to use our ninja-like abilities to sneak up to this tent.  Well, as we all sat hidden behind a large tree, I see out of the corner my eye a figure running off.  Sure enough it was Tommy.  He was running from tree to tree hiding behind each like a secret agent closing in on his target.  It was quite amusing to watch, but I had to temporarily hold in my laughter and catch our runaway!
We caught up with Tommy, launched the reveal, the kids were in awe as they received their bicycles, and it was a beautiful summer day.  You really can’t ask for more than that!

4) Being able to experience and accomplish so much in life at such a young age, do you have any advice to those who are still searching for their dreams, clueless about their future?

Well for starters I’m still as confused as the rest of us! I’m always asking myself what I want to do to live a life worth living.  And the answer always seems to come at a crossroad of confusion.  The piece of advice that has helped me the most is don’t look at your dreams as a destination, look at them as the journey.  I think so many of us, myself included, have these ideas of grand achievements we want to occur in our future that we mistake predetermined accomplishments for life fulfillment and happiness.  Instead make your dreams your journey.  Whatever it is your chasing after, make it worth doing today.  I came out of college with the dream of a PhD in psychology, but what I have learned since then is the reason I want it is simply to help people.  Being nowhere near even starting my PhD, I still can live out my dream of helping others through my current actions.  Everyone looks at it differently, but while some see the revelation of a dream as discrete point in time, I look at life and see a continuous evolution of who we are and what we dream for.

5) I think your team has definitely made a deep impact in Tommy’s life just as much as he has for you. He will probably look back to that ‘ninja moment’ in 10 or even 20 years down the road and this memory will put a smile on him for sure.  Any plans or goals in mind for the next 5 years ?

I wouldn’t mind being on a beach in Hawaii sometime over the next 5 years! But as for goals, I keep a bucket list full of them.  I’m actually in the process of applying for a year long internship working with Grassroots Soccer in Africa.  They spread education and awareness about HIV/AIDS through the game of soccer.  It’s quite a remarkable organization and they are doing some really powerful, meaningful, and fun work with a bunch of African communities.  I’m also taking the GRE’s, an assessment test for graduate school, in December and am looking into some graduate programs in social psychology around the country.  I would also really love to be fluent in Spanish. Me gusta Espanol. I’ve been talking a lot with Aaron Myers, a language learning pro, for tips and tricks on picking up a new language. Oh! And I really want to learn how to surf. I’ve read so many fascinating stories and autobiographies, like Jaimal Yogis’s Saltwater Buddha, on surfing, zen, and life, that I feel like I have a calling to take up surfing!


6) Last but not least, could you share with us your top 10 tips to staying fit, keeping positive and looking good?

Absolutely! My number one positivity mantra is j.k.livin. It stands for just keep living.  No matter what happens in life embrace it. Love your fate, roll with the punches, and live in the moment.  You have the ability to persevere and you will grow and learn from it.  Just think, j.k.livin.

Through my ‘livin’ here are some tips I’ve picked up.

1. Happiness is a decision. 

2. Being active is a great way to start your day! Even if it’s only for 5 or 10 minutes. Move around, celebrate the day, have some fun with life, and embrace your energy within.

3. Working out can become tedious, trust me I know. Routines are great, but don’t be afraid to shake things up. Exercise should be fun. You should look forward to it not dread it! Dance, take a class, run around, play sports, do some exercises you have never done before, make up some of your own! Be creative and have fun.

4. Life is in the laboring. It’s a hawaiian proverb that means that enjoyment does not just come from the prestige of accomplishing, but from the act of doing. Whatever it is you’re doing in life, make it enjoyable and don’t just do it for some distant destination.

5. Personality is just about the sexiest thing about person. It is this authenticity that I think we are most drawn to.

6. Do you.  Whatever it is you are doing in life, let it leave the imprint of who you are.  Don’t worry about following social norms or implicit rules. Just bring who you are to the table and don’t be afraid to stray outside the cookie cutter impression.

7. Perspective. Life is all about perspective. I’ve grown sad and angry and frustrated from a range of things that really are trivial in the overall perspective of life.  There’s this technique that when you feel overwhelmed and stressed just imagine yourself being lifted up from your world like a helicopter into the sky.  And down below you see all these problems and frustrations, but in the grand scheme of life they are tiny specs! Embrace what’s important and let go of the rest.

8. Be loose. Sometimes we can’t help be get uptight when we are nervous.  When you loosen up things get 100x easier and you begin to feel a state of flow take over.  I was running the other day, and was super tired, in pain, and really grinding my body to push on.  I then reminded myself to just be loose and let my body coast on autopilot. Finishing my run still wasn’t a cake walk but i did it with much less tension.

9. Tie your shoes. The hardest part to doing something is breaking that initial friction of getting started. Take that first step because it will lead to the second. Whenever I go out for a run, I tie my shoes and don’t look back.

10. Lastly, I’m going to steal Nike’s slogan and say, Just do it.  Conditions will never be perfect, so stop waiting for the perfect conditions.  Get started and start now.  There will always be a reason not to do something.  There will always be obstacles, problems, and fear.  But the difference between intention and action is you! So make things happen and stop waiting for the perfect opportunity!

So much fun doing this interview Kin may! You had some terrific questions.

As for end of the year stuff…hmm..I have the marathon coming up in a couple of weeks.  I never ran 26 miles before so doing that should be pretty crazy! I’m also going to be doing a couple of Building a Dream programs in December. It’s going to be awesome to get kids bikes right before the holiday season.  And there’s a small chance I might have a trip over to Africa to give away some of our sandals from our Sole Purpose event, where participants build sandals for the for the communities and villages.


What about you. How are you going to finish out 2011?!

Many thanks to Chris Barba for this amazing interview!

For more of his articles, do visit :


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Beauty Eyes D.I.Y tutorial

September 15, 2011 Leave a comment

Today, this little post is going to be dedicated to all ladies out there. As the old saying goes: There are no ugly girls, just superbly LAZY ones!

Tell yourself each day that you are amazing!

You are kind, you appreciate even little things in life, you help, you cheer and you listen. You aim, you plan, you protect your love ones and most importantly you upkeep your good values & promises to others.

If you’re single still, trust me, your other-half is looking for you the same way you are looking for him. When time is right, everything will come in place. Might be Love from a far-a-way land, you never know. Meanwhile, instead of waiting for ‘the one’ to appear, let’s do something to doll yourself up first.

Looking good is not about being vain, it is about self respect and respecting others. It brings you confidence and this confidence influences your working attitude. When you feel you look good, you tend to work better too. Try wearing no make-up, unkempt hair, shorts and slippers to work, you will understand what I mean.

In these recent years, fake eye lashes have taken 21st century over by storm. Many are wondering how exactly do we paste that little lash onto our eyes? How do we remove them? How long can it last? Will it harm my eyes or lash long term? Here comes some help to my dear ladies out there~


1) Have really good foundation set as base. Especially around the eyes area, use lots of loose powder to smooth out any rough surfaces. Loose powder helps reduce patchy foundation and enhance the durability of your eye make-up too.

2) apply your favourite eye shadow colour  (a tinge of shimmer white/pearl white is always my must-have; brightens up your eyes lots!)

3) next, start with your eyeliner (if you are using the liquid eyeliner type, just remember to pre-shake the bottle a little. For crayon eyeliners wise, always press some dark chocolate or black eye shadow over it to reduce smudging.)

4) Finally , here comes your fake lashes application. Trim a little by the corner to have the lash length fit to your eyes.

Tip is : Trim, glue, blow and hold for 40 sec to 1 min, stick, hold, push and blow again.

5) there you go, Lash job done!! ps: do not save on lash glue  and lip-eye remover please. Trust me, you won’t regret. Bad glues gives possible bad-skin-day!

I recently taught some ladies the above 5 steps and some very amazing results came out. Notice the difference? It was fantastic! My friend Alicia was like : My God!! Finally, managed to put it on! PHEW!!  But to be honest, as hard as it may sound, you will somehow feel kind of accomplished.

Alicia: My god!! -.-!!

Me: You can do it!! Jia you!!

viola~~ well done ALicia! And thumbs up to you Linda!! Proud of you girls!

All I can say is :

Eyeliners are one of the BEST INVENTIONS made in history! It adds in the spark to her eyes immediately! & definitely cost lesser than cosmetic surgery.

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~Nails Experience in KL Sunway~

July 18, 2011 Leave a comment

Its been a long time since I last posted on nails!! Gosh, think its like donkey years ago… But this one, I gotta post on it, reason being? Superb!! Product is good, service is good & price is good!! Triple Good!

Venue : De Lacq

(Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya, Sunway Pyramid, tel: 03-7494 4288)

I almost felt like giving up after 3 manicure shops rejected my business when the time was just slightly after 8pm. I was like: where on earth did all the manicurists go??  Off  & puff I went for dinner instead!

It was slightly after 9pm, after dinner, I decided to give it one last try. Again, laws of Attraction! Amazingly, I came across this corner little shop which states : Open!! For a moment, my Hopes were back! But with doubt, I asked if they were still opened for business. I won’t be surprised if they said they are closing anyway since 3 shops had rejected me an hour ago. But to my surprise, this shop closes at 10pm!!! I was practically beaming with joy! Manicurist Eve was so friendly and good. I loved my nails ! Having been to countless mani & pedi, its really easy to judge which are up to standard, and which are not.  I love it so much to the extent I went back the very next day.

Here’s the ~nails journey~

A pair of tired looking feet (  -.-!!)

A good Soak to soften the dead cells and foot sole ~ awaiting for its scrub later

final product~ this colour makes tanned skin glow~ strongly recommended

At the end of the day, we customers just need one thing when we pay for something : Service!

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Getting a Great Week started!

July 18, 2011 Leave a comment

Do you have a habit of writing up a TO-DO list everyday?

Can you survive without your organiser / planner ?

A yes for me for the first and a NO for the latter. Especially given the nature of my work, which are based on appointment, it is really hard to survive without a planner. Thus I can never understand how some of my friends could just carry a cute little lovely bag, containing just a purse, handphone, keys, tissue perhaps and a little make-up pouch. To be able to do this carefree movement is considered a little luxury for me. Mine will always have lots of stuff in it. A single bag is never enough for me. I am so gonna get a huge metal bag soon!!! (In case what kind of bag you are wondering, let me drop a little hint… some famous brands of this metal bag come from Nissan, Honda, BMW… now u know what I mean?)

Thank god for the nature of my work as well, Mondays hardly come as a Blue one for me. LOL! Now, question is how do I kick start my week ahead?

Tip #1: Plan well – Have a blue print in your mind on what task you NEED to complete and which ones that you WANT to complete. Plan Ahead. I understand some of my guy friends love the word : Impromptu! So sorry, it certainly does not work for me. Impromptu would mean me filling up my diary/planner as no purpose at all. Of coz, Life does not always happen as planned, this I totally understand, neither will I aim to be a perfectionist. But if we can master good planning skills, why not?

Tip #2: Have a TO-DO list everyday, and complete small little tasks first. For me, I usually scribble down e.g. the phone calls which I’m supposed to make today etc. Sometimes the most simple task actually takes the longest time to complete!! E.g. to clean up my bedroom. Oh Boy, as simple as this may sound, it is one of the tasks which Im taking forever to do so. LOL!!

Tip #3: Smile & think positive! – Like the saying goes : An apply a day, keeps the doctor away!! A SMILE a day, keeps Positive Awake! Ever heard of the SECRET? Our mind actually works like the Universe. Laws of Attraction! Just yesterday, I did a quick mini facial for my prospect in a 5 Star hotel ladies. People keep coming in and out. Perhaps the universe sensed my thoughts, one of the cubicles got choked abruptly. The bathroom was banned for a while for entrance, luckily we were not kicked out by the cleaner. We ended up having the entire bathroom to ourselves. Awww…PEACE!

At the end of the day : its all about Fail to Plan = Plan to fail!

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Black Head Buddy II

February 25, 2011 1 comment

Wow, feb is sure a busy month! and a fun one too!

Just completed another challenging task today, thats right! Im so happy!! Some people may have this huge question mark:

How can we stay happy at all times???


Enjoy every little thing, cherish what we are blessed with and give thanks always.

Yes, we are not saint, not God, we will bound to have our Down moments as well. But the duration of feeling ‘Down’ can be controlled and decided by us. Sleep through it, eat it down, laugh/Cry it out, have tv marathon ; anything as long you like.

& the challenging task is to clear the black and white head little babies :


(notice the ‘black bumps like tiny black dots’ around the nose & cheeks area)


(fewer ‘black bumps” and less evident pores problem)

The Aftermath

Basic 3:

Cleanse —- (Scrub) —- Tone —- Moisturise

A good skincare regime is like gym routine.

Hard to start the habit at first but as you see

the results, you’ll  fall in love with it gradually.

Only difference is a good skincare regime can

give you results INSTANTLY!!

to my dear friend, You are a diamond while the other is a stone. Sometimes guys get so blind till they can mistake a stone for a diamond.

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A Dream wedding came true…

February 2, 2011 2 comments

Dedicating this post to my dearest long time friend, Melissa and her hubby, Norman.

Isn’t this every girl’s dream wedding? A cozy wedding party by the beach, attended by close family and friends, receiving their blessings while you gave them a chance to experience a whole new different adventure in life?

Lovely weather and gentle breeze all day long. Strolling down the aisle in your dream wedding gown, looking fondly at your husband who is also looking so forward to quickly hold you in his arms. Hearing his vow makes you melt, as you’ve never seen this side of him.

My 2011 January’s highlight was this amazing wedding at koh samui & I am so glad I made it.

Getting reading …

Moments to remember…

I always tell my friends, Melissa who is from Singapore flew to Australia for her studies, met her husband there who is from Ireland and tied their knot in Thailand. Miracles do happen in life, if only you believe in them.

Together we are one big family…

It takes great destiny for 2 strangers to meet , even greater power of destiny to bind both of them as husband & wife. No matter how tough life gets going, make it through together for everything happens for a Good Reason. Don’t give up easily on something that is so rare and genuine. Once lost, you’ll never find it back. My best wishes to them 🙂

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