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Working towards a little dream of mine

August 12, 2010 Leave a comment

Have you ever thought of becoming a make up artist/beauty consultant or to open a shop/cafe/fashion outlet or a successful online blog like bonito chico of your own one day ?? Well I did… ;)) Most of us who will nod our head are probably the ones who yearn for freedom both physically and financially. For me, I just hope for a peaceful and financial free life. A life not as rich as paris hilton but a good enough one to be able to support parents when they are old and to help them  in terms of hospital bills in future (choy**) ; the ability to bring them to whereever they want and treat them to whatever they wanna eat. A life good enough for me to indulge in spas, massages and mani/pedi services weekly. A life whereby I could jolly well book a air ticket anytime to thailand or bali for a relax weekend trip with a few girlfriends without having to worry if my leave will be approved by boss or if work will all be piled up by monday when i return from holiday. And most importantly, a lifestyle in which i could do the things i like ( like to fly over to taiwan for jay chous’s concert or my fav thai star Dan’s concert in BKK) ; cook in my lovely kitchen; drive my favourite car without having to worry if i have enough to pay for its high maintanence or monthly loans & to always have enough to standby in case knock into some one else’s car backside etc ; stay in a house without having to worry about monthly housing loans (fully carpeted  and air-conditioned with a king size bed like those found in 5 star hotel and a 24/7 housekeeper to help me catch cockroaches when there is need to.) Isnt it awfully nice to have such home???

Whenever my friends asked me, Kin May, how long have u been working already? I’ll always look at them simply and said: havent been for the past 3 years since poly graduation.

 Reason is? Coz when you’re doing the things u love, it is not a job at all. To an employee, having to working during weekends or till late night is OT OT OT & stupid BOSS; to me , it would just mean Im a step closer to my dream. Don’t want to regret 5 years later ; 10 years later and say : “if only i did that lah…how i wish lah….” If u ask successful people like breadtalk CEO or Indo Chine founder, they’ll probably all tell ya that they havent really taken OFF days at all yet not tired coz its their burning passion and dream (one will only smile at dreams, some even drool when they think about it) ; but at the same time, they can anytime take OFF if they want & spend it with their limited edition black visa card.

One of my biggest dream is to travel the world and motivate people with my speech for i believe strongly in the power of speech. Giving good speech and with that changing people’s lives is one of the most amazing charity ever. It is priceless and can never be measured with $$.

I’ve drawn my dream map & am working to achieve it everyday, have u? 😉

A dream means it will be attained one day. not just empty words. Empty words will mean fantasy. Not dream at all~

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